Truthify App Uses AI to Detect Your Emotions While Watching a Video

Truthify App Uses AI to Detect Your Emotions While Watching a Video

  • The Truthify app reads your face while sending or receiving a message
  • It looks to help businesses get true reactions to their products
  • The app is available on iOS with in-app purchases

While messaging apps have become mainstream communication channels these days, it eliminates the emotion behind the words, something that only face-to-face communication can do. A new messaging app tries to fill that void with the help of AI. The Truthify app tries to read your face, while watching a video, and sense the emotion you feel. This app is available to download on the App Store for iOS users with in-app purchases, and is coming for Android users on Google Play soon.

The app uses the latest emotional artificial intelligence (Emotion AI) to read 43 facial muscles 14 times a second, using the front camera of a smartphone. The app gives you seven emotional states – fear, anger, disgust, happiness, contempt, sadness, and surprise. It works while you’re watching a video from a friend, recording your reaction at the same time using the front camera. The recipient and the sender both can see the emotion results in real-time, with the top two emotions given priority. These top two emotions are shows with percentages, indicating which emotion is felt the most by individuals concerned.

While this app would prove to be helpful to users who want to know the reaction of the other person, we wonder how many people would be comfortable in revealing such details. However, this apps main motive isn’t social play, but to help brands, marketers, media and advertising agencies, political campaigns and civic leaders gather at-scale immediate and authentic audience feedback.

Up until now, there wasn’t a tool that would give advertisers the true reaction of their target audience in real-time, and this app could prove to be beneficial by many businesses for data collection. There’s Truthify Premium and Truthify Pro memberships (as in-app purchases) for businesses for longer recording time and greater functionality. These subscriptions enable businesses to gain more insight, analytics, and gain critical audience feedback as well.

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