Poor Cyber Hygiene Leads to Cyberattacks

The drastic rise in the frequency of cyberattacks on multinational companies,different organizations and on general internet usershave raised concerns about cybersecurity. As the sophistication level of cyberattacks is increasing, organizations and individuals need to be better-prepared to respond and recover from unprecedented cyberthreats. Since attacks are escalating across data-driven, internet, mobile and cloud-based services, integrating robust security tools had become mandatory. In the era of the digital age, as we extensively depend on internet and storage devices for many aspects of our lives, there is a need to be proactive and stay vigilant to protect ourselves from cyberthreats. In order to achieve security within the network, it is extremely important to adopt a good cyber hygiene. Nonetheless, to adopt a good cyber hygiene, it is vital to know about existing as well as emerging cyber threats and this is where Cyware comes into the picture.

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Cyware – the comprehensive cyber security app is built with an objective to let people follow a good cyber hygiene by making them aware of the latest happenings of the cyber world. The machine learning algorithm of Cyware scans the internet to present only the vital and valuable information in a summarized format. Cyber Situational Awareness can only be achieved when users involve themselves in understanding what is happening incyber industryand how information, events, and emerging technologies affect their day-to-day lives. When general internet users and professionals stay well-informed about the latest updates of cyber world, it helps them build an additional layer of security that protects them from potential cyberthreats.

General internet users must remember that cyber awareness is not a onetime job or happens once in three months, but it a continuous ongoing process. As we read a newspaper daily to keep a track on latest updates – the same applies to cyber world. Considering the current threat landscape, one cannot afford to miss any vital cyber world updates. Hence, users must constantly keep a note of cyber security news fromacross the world. With Cyware mobile application, users and professionals can easily readthe news related to cross country and cross-industry breaches and attacks; emerging threats; malware and vulnerabilities.

Not just news, users should also keep a note of expert opinions, latest threats and threat actors, next generation tools and technology. Cyware helps you with all of this. This app also allows users to readily share the news with their peers, friends and family. Cyware is an exemplarysituational awareness platform which contributes towards an organization’s cyber security and a general user’s internet security. It provides feeds that help them attain cyber awareness and maintain a good cyber hygiene.

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