How to set abstract Facebook color theme in one click?

Custom Facebook themes with abstract wallpapers

A person with abstract thinking is capable of much. He can easily go beyond the generally accepted truths and discover something new, unique. Facebook abstract themes help such talents by stimulating their brain activity with visual forms.

How to put Facebook wallpaper in the form of abstraction? The first thing to do is install the Themes for Facebook extension from Google Chrome store by the link

Then add to it those design options that are in abstract Facebook themes category and have found a response in your heart. After that, you simply activate the selected topic and immediately notice the change in the appearance of the FB.

Abstract Facebook Theme preview

In addition, such a design can be very cute. It looks much better than the standard design of a social network that everyone knows. An abstract picture is the lack of specificity, but at the same time, the coverage of everything at once. What could it be? A whirlwind of flowers and lines, fragments or crystals, a bright mosaic, various substances, geometric shapes and much more. Such an image cannot be characterized to the smallest detail. It is multifaceted and unusual. What elements will the modification affect? First of all, the Facebook color on the interface elements will change. Additionally, the background image will be replaced. But keep in mind that these changes are made locally and only you can see them.

Themes for Facebook extension is free. The same applies to all wallpapers displayed in the directory on the website. These themes are free and available to everyone.
If you want to leave feedback on the extension or offer any idea to the developers, use the feedback on the project’s website. Or you can post your review on the Google Chrome Web Store project’s page.

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