5 Food to eat if you are working under stressful environment

It is truth universally know that eating well is a form of self-respect. If you eat healthy, then no matter what situation arrives at your door step, the stress would not consume you to eternity. Among the necessities of life food, clothing and shelter- food means more than just feeding ourselves. It not only satisfies our desire to feed ourselves but also helps with stress from social life such as work, family and friends, but also helps us to survive the loneliness from isolation.

Nowadays, thanks to the massive sensation that online shopping sites have become, you can order your favourite stress buster food and delicacy to eat on internet itself. Just visit to any online store which sell fresh snacks, get discounts on food orders and find your perfect snack without overdoing your budget.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is considered as one of the most comfortable and healthy dish for the breakfast. It is not only miraculously tasty, but also lighter for your stomach in times of your bust schedule and stress.

Oatmeal as a healthy food

Being a complex carbohydrate, oatmeal causes our brain to produce serotonin-which is a feel good chemical that created a soothing feeling for throughout the day. Even the studies have mentioned that young brains especially the students who eat oatmeal for breakfast stay sharper for most part of the morning.

Benefits of Oatmeal

Along with being a quick fix for the hunger pangs or a light and healthy snack, Oatmeal also possess some major benefits like-

  • Consuming a bowl of oatmeal daily prevents you from serious case of constipation
  • It reduces the chance of hormone related cancer risks like breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.
  • It is one of the go to meal for all the gym freaks who are trying to lose their weight by sweating it out on treadmills.
  • Having oatmeal every morning helps to keep your skin healthy and radiant

Nutrient contents of oatmeal which helps to resolve stress

Oatmeal consists of serotonin which has antioxidant properties which helps our body and brain to overcome stress. It is a same substance that is regulated by antidepressants. According to studies, stress causes our blood sugar to rise, so the complex carbs or carbohydrate like oatmeal doesn’t to the already potential rise in the blood glucose.

Best way to consume it

One could store oatmeal in the fridge in batch and later microwave it in the morning to eat. You can mix you oatmeal with water, juice or milk and have it for breakfast.

Quantity of having Oatmeal and consequences of over consumption

In general one standard bowl or maximum two bowls of oatmeal is a perfect quantity to consume per day. Even though oatmeal is a healthy dish, but over eating it may lead to complications like developing gastritis, indigestion, stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is a sweet flavoured food which is made up of fermented milk, bacteria lactobacillus and Streptococcus thermophiles. It is higher in saturated fat and the research says that even with the massive amount of dairy, the limited consumption of yogurt will not affect anyone’s the health.

Yogurt as a healthy food

Contrary to popular assumptions that yogurt is just a tasty cheat meal or sweet dish, it is also food full of healthy nutrients like generous amount of calcium, protein, vitamin B, minerals, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. which nourished our mind and body at the same time.

Benefits of yogurt

Yogurt is the number one food to add in your healthy food. Some of the major benefits of consuming yogurt on daily basis are:

  • Consuming low fat yogurt helps you to prevent obesity because of the lack of sugar and heart diseases
  • It has several varieties which is beneficial for digestive system
  • It strengthens our immune system
  • Yogurt is generally loaded with different kinds of vitamins like vitamin B5, vitamin B12, etc.

Nutrient contents of yogurt which helps to resolve stress

Yogurts usually contain probiotics and consuming them reduces the brain activity in the area that handles uncomfortable emotions including stress. It also contains calcium and protein which is healthy for your immune system and daily livings so adding it to your diet is a profitable option.

Best way to consume it

yogurt with sugar can be consumed without anything but a plain low fat yogurt can be added to other foods like fruits, nuts or cereals to improve it flavour and other nutrient contents.

Quantity of having Yogurt and consequences of over consumption

Yogurt is one of the tastiest foods on the list and also a perfect go to food for the healthy diet. Being a dairy product one could should not consume to more than 3 cups per day. Having too much yogurt can be harmful for the body in terms of excess sugar consumption and also have the side effect of weight gain. It also may cause allergies tot some people.

  • Pistachios

Pistachios are one of the oldest edible nuts which are heartily consumed all over the world by people of all ages. It is available in the market as shelled, unshelled, sweetened and salted form. While having a hectic day at work, keeping pistachio at your close hand is a perfect food/ snack option

Pistachios as a healthy food

Pistachios contain number of minerals like zinc and magnesium which helps us to calm and relax our nerves. There are also other nutrients in pistachio which makes it a slow but steady winner of the ‘healthy food’ race with bilsborough being one of them which is considered as a healthy fat.

Benefits of pistachio

Pistachios are made up of several nutrients which are quite beneficial for our health. Some of them being:

  • Consuming right amount of pistachio from time to time comes as an aid to digestive problems.
  • It contains antioxidants properties which is beneficial for the prevention of conditions like cancer and heart diseases
  • Pistachio contains high number of iron in it which is helpful to combat the conditions like anaemia
  • It promotes the healthy gut bacteria in our body

Nutrient contents of pistachios which helps to resolve stress

Pistachios are the kind of food which could not satisfy our craving with just couple of seeds. Studies says that in time of stress or any negative thought for that matter, doing something continuously with your hands might help you to calm you inner turmoil. The shelling of nut like pistachio is a healthy practice to relax your mind in time of stress. It also reduces the acute stress by lowering the blood pressure and heart rate.

Best way to consume it

One should always eat pistachio as a snack with evening tea or coffee. The boxed sweetened and salted pistachios have become a rage among the Asian households in past couple of decades.

Quantity of having pistachios and consequences of over consumption

Eating 5 to 7 pistachio in a day is considered healthy as it provides 25% of daily dose of vitamin B. Consuming too many pistachio at once may also lead to several health issues like weight gains, high blood pressure and also there are risk of kidney stones, so people who are already suffering from kidney problems should avoid eating pistachios.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of those guilt free pleasures which is consumed by limited number of people but is extremely important health wise. It is also a fairly addictive food which is produced from the beans of cocoa tree and is often accused to be the bitter one in the chocolate family.

Dark chocolate as a healthy food

Dark chocolates contain most amount of fresh cocoa which have antioxidants in it. The antioxidant helps our blood vessels to relax, lowers our blood pressure and improves our blood circulation. Dark chocolate which contains 70% of cocoa are not only a tasty treat but is also very healthy for out body and heart.

Benefits of dark chocolate

Some of the major benefits of eating dark chocolates are:

  • It helps in weight loss
  • It is also a perfect delicacy for mood upliftment
  • Medically it is the best medicine for the people who are suffering from heart diseases or one should in general practice eating dark chocolate to avoid at heart related issues.
  • Eating dark chocolate also helps in improving the cognitive functions of out eyes

Nutrient contents of dark chocolate which helps to resolve stress

Reluctant studies and researches have shown that eating dark chocolate can reduce stress hormones and cortisol. It helps in the production of endorphins which is one of the sources to serotonin that helps the human mind and body to deal with stress.

Best way to consume it

Dark chocolate is often treated as the odd one out among the chocolate lovers as it is not as sweet as the regular dairy and sweetened chocolate and is quite bitter in taste. The best way to enjoy dark chocolate is by having it either with milk or juice to balance the taste.

Quantity of having dark chocolate and consequences of over consumption

One can indulge themselves into a square of dark chocolate in an average per day. Eating more than necessary dark chocolate can lead to several problems like weight gain, gastritis problems and it may cause some people insomnia, headache and agitation.

  • Flavoured Tea

Flavoured teas are usually made by adding different kinds of flowers, leaves, herbs, fruits, etc. It is also created by addition of other natural flavours like green, black and oolong teas. Some of the most famous flavours of flavoured teas are- chamomile tea, green tea, earl grey tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc.

Flavoured tea as a healthy food

Flavoured tea like green tea contains several nutrients of healthy beverages like amino acid and theanine which protects our system against harmful diseases like cancer. This is also very healthy to maintain a slim figure and enhances our mental performances.

Benefits of flavoured tea

Flavoured tea has some miraculous benefits for our body health issues like:

  • Chamomile Tea is said to be the best treatment for calming nerves and insomnia since ancient times
  • Having green tea regularly will help you to lose weight as well as shed all the unnecessary fats that you consume by eating unhealthy carbs
  • Chamomile tea guarantees to control the anxiety disorder in 8-10 weeks with regular consumptions
  • Oolong tea helps you to control your cholesterol level

Nutrient contents of flavoured tea which helps to resolve stress

Flavoured tea like chamomile tea is a perfect option to go for when people are suffering from stress. When excess stress leads to anxiety and insomnia, chamomile tea works a magical beverage and acts as a relaxant. It relaxes your nerves and reduces the irritability.

Best way to consume it

The best way to enjoy the consumption of flavoured teas like green tea and chamomile tea is by adding 2 or 3 tablespoon of dried flowers of your favourite flavour into a boiling water and letting it to absorb the flavour for 10 minutes before drinking it. Flavoured tea is always enjoyed more with hot water than sweet milk like chai.

Quantity of having flavoured tea and consequences of over consumption

Having two cups of green tea every day and 1 cup of chamomile tea helps our body to maintain a perfect balance of nutrients and caffeine. On the hindsight one must also beware of the side effects of the over consumption of teas which may cause various health issue like risk of prostate cancer, negative side effects of caffeine, etc. 


Eating healthy food is a part of healthy living. While enjoying the life and consuming all kinds of unhealthy junk food one must always remember to balance it by eating little amount of healthy snacks and foods on regular basis. Adults live a very busy life which includes constant pressure of work that created a very stressful environment for them. The stress sometimes acts as a root point of several upcoming major diseases which could be avoided with the basic maintenance of healthy eating. Just follow the diet pattern of the mentioned food in the article and add some flavour and sweetness into your otherwise stressful life.

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