2Do Task Management iOS Applications Receive Push Sync

2Do push sync iOS

After Announcing that push synchronisation would be arriving on their iOS applications last month, the rollout of the new feature has now taken place and provides 2Do iOS users with the ability to quickly synchronise tasks between their Apple devices.

The 2Do task manager application is an excellent solution for managing projects and to-do lists and is currently available on Android, iOS and Mac.

Although the push synchronisation has not yet arrived on Mac systems the applications developers explain that this feature will be rolling out very soon to the desktop client. They also answered a number of questions asked about how the new push sync feature functions :

Immediately after releasing Push sync for iOS last night (in 2Do v3.6 – and yes, it’s coming to the Mac very soon), we’ve read some great feedback but have also been approached by the inquisitive and the concerned – and rightly so – asking “So, how do you do it? Does our private data even transfer over a secure connection? Do you save any of our private stuff on your servers? Do you keep track of our tasks in order to determine which device syncs what, when and how? How exactly are you pushing this information from device to device?”

These are all amazing questions, and for all these amazing questions, we’ve got one amazing answer: “Our Push sync solution is perhaps the most secure in the entire universe!” Woah! Did we just say that? No seriously, we aren’t insane – at least not yet. The question is, how on earth can we make such a bold statement? And to think, we don’t even know how to spell encrypshion (that was deliberate!). You see, the most secure form of communication is … when you have absolutely no communication at all.

That’s right! 2Do makes all this happen without actually communicating anything with anyone (communication quite literally involves an exchange of information between two or more parties). It shares no private data, or even public for that matter, with any server / device / human / satellite / living or non-living thing. That’s how we’re able to pull it off on top of all the existing sync solutions supported: Dropbox, Reminders, Toodledo, Fruux, Yahoo! and Custom 3rd party CalDAV servers.

For more information on the new 2Do push synchronisation iOS application feature jump over to the official 2Do blog for more details and answers to the questions.

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