Why You Should Start Using Online Job Application Forms Right Away

In case you want to streamline your hiring process, you can avail of online form-building platforms to create a standard online application form. There are several reasons as to why such online forms are better than physical forms. Firstly, they make it easier for candidates to apply they don’t need to submit hand-written resumes. They can simply upload their resumes on these forms. Secondly, HR managers can easily compare the resumes much of different candidates. Thirdly, you save a lot of money because you don’t have to spend on advertisements on job posting websites, which are quite costly. Thus, making an online application form is your best bet.

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What Makes Online Job Application Forms Great?

They take care of your needs

Good job application forms give candidates a clear picture about the qualifications and the skills that are expected of them. Well crafted forms that have a huge amount of specificity help in reaching the right kind of candidates and eliminating undeserving candidates. Thus, you save a lot of time by not having to screen through unwanted applications.

They Help You to Know your Candidates Better

These forms, if drafted well with open-ended questions will help you in assessing a candidate better. For instance, for a lawyers’s position, you can ask open-ended questions about the latest trends in IP and technology law. You can also ask them to post links to their publications, blogposts etc. and test their legal acumen. These personalized forms thus allow you to better gauge candidates and saves your time as you don’t have to screen through tons of applications.

Online Form Builders

Fortunately for you, there are online form-building platforms out there that help you in creating these forms. Most of these forms are compatible across multiple media, on both laptops and mobile forms. Thus, both you as well as the candidate can easily fill and check out responses on the go. You can also easily compare responses on these forms and get a relative profile of the candidates. You can easily export candidate responses and then analyze them to get the best fit.

In fact one good example of an online form-builder is AidaForm which is free and user-friendly. https://aidaform.com/forms/job-application-form.htmll allows you to conveniently choose from basic templates or create multiple DIY online job application forms with easy customization and without needing to learn HTML coding. AidaForm also allows to you export the data and then analyze them on Excel and Google Sheets so that you can get a broader picture of the candidates who have applied. It also helps you to instantly share these forms widely across social media sites to publicize them as widely as possible and reaching out to a wider audience. AidaForm also notifies you every time there is a submission on your website, thus you need not be bothered about missing out on job applications.

So hurry and try these amazing online job application forms for a better hiring experience!

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