The Importance of Gaming Computers for Aspiring Esports Players

Esports is one of the greatest cultural phenomena of the modern era and it has spawned a new breed of millionaire gaming superstars. These players have tremendous YouTube followings, sponsorship deals, fat salaries and bulging trophy cabinets, and they get to play their favourite game all day long. It sounds like the dream for millions of gamers across the world and many are keen to break into this lucrative industry. But you need to invest in the right gear in order to thrive and the first consideration is what sort of gaming computer you will buy.

Your tools are as critical to your chances of success as a tennis racket or a set of golf clubs. A mouse, keyboard, monitor and headset are important, but it all starts with the gaming PC. The big tournaments that carry large prize pools, attract millions of viewers around the world and attract bets from punters at sites like typically feature PCs instead consoles. If you want to become a professional esports star, chances are you will need to buy a top gaming computer.

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Advantages of Gaming Computers

Consoles are powerful machines nowadays, but they cannot come close to matching the performance of the fastest CPUs in gaming PCs. You can enjoy these games at the speeds the developers intended, as the latest Intel and AMD processors are rapid. There have been huge technological advances over the past few years and they make the world of difference to your gaming experience. You cannot afford to cut corners if you want to become a pro, so you need to invest in a top gaming PC with plenty of RAM.

The graphics also reach a far higher standard on a PC when you include the right graphics card. The Radeon RC cards and the 10 Series from NVIDIA are examples of superb offerings that really enhance the gaming experience. You can also enjoy a better all-round experience, as you can set up multiple screens, providing you with a wide field of vision and a really immersive experience. You can also use a high-spec keyboard and mouse, which can become a lot more accurate and precise than using a controller on a console.

The only real advantage of buying a console over a gaming PC is price. Consoles are cheaper, easier to set up and use and they are more future proof. But if you want to make millions in prize money, sponsorship deals and so on, you need to speculate to accumulate and that starts with investing in a PC.

Essential Components of Gaming PCs

If you are serious about competing professionally in the wonderful world of esports you will need to invest in a high-end PC. Nowadays you can custom build your gaming computer in order to control your budget and specify the hardware you are most interested in. You will need to factor in CPU, memory, motherboard, graphics/video cards and more.

A high-spec COY like the Intel Core i9-9900K is a great choice, although it is pretty expensive. A cheaper option would be the AMD Ruyzen 5 2600X or even the Intel Pentium G4560. Graphics cards are the star of the show as they can really heighten the gaming experience and ensure you are totally absorbed in the action. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 Founders Edition is a great choice, or the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 represents a cheaper option.

RAM ensures the game runs smoothly and 8GB should be the bare minimum. If you go for 16GB you are highly unlikely to run out of memory unless you are running intense programmes in the background. However, many nowadays opt for 32GB to future proof their computers, and you can even go to 64GB or 128GB on gaming motherboards in 2019. The solid state hard drive is less of an important consideration, but it still holds all the data and apps and you should go for a decent amount of storage.

Once you have your motherboard, CPU cooler, power supply unit, case and peripherals in place, you can start looking at top of the range keyboards and a mouse that can help you stand out. The Corsair K95 RGB Platinu, the ROG Strix Scope and the Cooler Master MK850 are popular gaming keyboards, while you cannot go far wrong with a Logitech MX518 mouse.

Best Gaming PCs Available

Most PC makers will let you choose the graphics card and processor you would like, but you still have a big decision regarding the actual gaming computer you buy. The MSI Trident X with the Intel Core i7-9700K, a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, 32GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD should be perfect for your gaming needs and it comes in at a reasonable cost. It looks really sleek, but be careful when transporting it as it also feels a little lightweight.

An alternative would be the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition, a massive, chunky, expensive computer that is wildly powerful. Go for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 – 1080 and the AMD RyzenThreadripper 1950X, choosing from 8GB to 32GB RAM. Many serious gamers like the Origin Millennium, which allows you to customize virtually every component. Think of it as a blank canvas that you can add all manner of CPUs and gaming cards to.

A cheaper option is the Intel Hades Canyon NUC, with the Intel Core i7-8809G and Radeon RX Vega M GH graphics card. That is a powerful, compact option that you can secure for less than $1,000. You then have to add your own RAM, storage and OS on top of that. If you are feeling flush, the Corsair One i160 is extremely powerful. It is one of the most expensive gaming PCs on the market, but it is blessed with Nvidia Turing graphics and Intel Coffee Lake Refresh processors, ensuring you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success in the cutthroat world of competitive gaming.


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