Airbus Consortium to Develop Next Generation Ariane 6 Rocket

The European Space Agency announced Wednesday that it has tapped Airbus Safran Launchers to build a new generation of rocket launcher by 2020 in a deal worth EUR 2.4 billion (roughly Rs.... Read more »

Philae Silver Lining: Robot Lab Shielded From Sun

When a comet whizzes past the Sun on Thursday it won’t mean certain high-temperature death for a European robot lab riding on the chunk of ice and dust. Instead, the rough, off-target... Read more »

‘Portable Lasers the Key to Next-Generation Sensors’

Scientists at Northwestern University have developed a custom-made, compact laser diode by integrating multiple wavelength emitters into a single device. Capable of emitting broadband wavelengths on demand, the device is smaller than... Read more »

New Depth-Sensing 3D Imaging Technology Works in Bright Sunlight

American researchers, led by an Indian-origin robotics scientist, have developed a new imaging technology that addresses a major shortcoming of depth-sensing 3D cameras the inability to work in bright light, especially sunlight.... Read more »

New, Durable High-Density Storage Developed

Scientists from Texas-based Rice University have created a solid state memory technology that allows for high density storage with a minimum incidence of computer errors. The memory chips are based on tantalum... Read more »

New Technique to Map Human Brain in Finer Detail

A new technology developed by researchers at a Swiss institute can map the human brain in unprecedented detail without distorting the architecture of the brain. The results also showed that our brain... Read more »

ISS Photos Help Scientists Measure Light Pollution on Earth

Photos taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have helped scientists reliably measure the amount of light pollution worldwide. The study not only has the well-known signatures of cities and... Read more »