Super Blood Moon to Be Sighted on January 20-21, the Last Total Lunar Eclipse Till 2021

2019 is promising to be a great year for the stargazers. In fact, the first month of the year is going to bring a rare lunar event – Super Blood Moon –... Read more »

Intel Core i9, Core i7, Core i5 CPUs Without Integrated GPUs Appear in European Retail Listings

According to some recent rumours, Intel is gearing up to launch versions of its 9th Gen desktop Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 CPUs without integrated graphics. Now, retail listings for four... Read more »

‘Virtual Tumour’ Model Could Offer New Treatment for Cancer, Say Researchers

British scientists have built a novel virtual reality (VR) 3D model of cancer that will help increase the understanding of cancer as well as in the search for new treatment. Researchers from... Read more »

NASA Study Claims Sugar Molecules Probably Exist in Deep Space

The sugar that makes up DNA could be floating around in the vast darkness of space, say scientists at the US space agency NASA. The research suggests that the sugar molecule that... Read more »

Roscosmos Says 3-Hour Manned Flights to ISS to Begin in 18 Months

Manned flights to the International Space Station (ISS) under an ultra-fast three-hour scheme involving circling the Earth twice, will begin in a year and a half, said Dmitry Rogozin, the head of... Read more »

Ericsson Opens Global AI Research Facility in Bengaluru

Swedish networking and telecom major Ericsson on Thursday said it had opened a global Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator in this tech hub for research and development (R&D) in AI and Automation. “The... Read more »

Astronomers Discover Over 100 New Exoplanets

An international team of astronomers have discovered more than 100 extrasolar planets (exoplanets) – that revolve around stars other than the Sun – in only three months, using a combination of ground-... Read more »

Soyuz Heads to ISS on First Manned Mission Since October Failure

A Soyuz rocket carrying Russian, American and Canadian astronauts took off from Kazakhstan and reached orbit on Monday, in the first manned mission since a failed launch in October. Russian cosmonaut Oleg... Read more »

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Probe on Course to Reach Asteroid Bennu on December

A NASA spacecraft designed to bring a small sample from asteroid Bennu to Earth is on course to arrive at its destination on December 3, the US space agency has said. Launched... Read more »

Intel Commits to Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform for All Future Driver Releases

Intel has adopted Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for its latest graphics driver release, and has announced that all drivers going forward will use this new framework. UWP drivers, also known as Windows... Read more »