Wearable Devices Market to Hit 223 Million Units in 2019

The wearable market is expected to reach global shipments of 222.9 million units in 2019 with earwear and watches accounting for more than 70 percent of all wearable shipments by 2023, a... Read more »

France Hitches a Ride on NASA’s Next Mission to the Moon

France has joined a NASA-led moon mission and Europe should do the same, the French space chief said. The American and French space agencies, NASA and CNES, signed an accord during the Paris Air... Read more »

Jeff Bezos Envisions Moon’s Ice Water as Rocket Fuel

Space company Blue Origin’s founder Jeff Bezos envisions fuelling rockets with lunar ice water and using the Moon as the base to explore space further. The richest man in the world discussed... Read more »

Domino’s Will Start Delivering Pizzas via an Autonomous Robot This Fall

The unmanned pizza delivery vehicle known as the R2 For months now, the robotics company Nuro has been using electric, self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries to Kroger customers in Phoenix and Houston.... Read more »

NASA Pressured by Trump Official on Climate Change Stance, Emails Show

Once a skeptic about climate change, Jim Bridenstine came around to the prevailing view of scientists before he took over as NASA administrator. That evolution did not sit well with a Trump... Read more »

India to Launch Its First Solar Mission in 2020, ISRO Chief Says

India is to launch Aditya-L1, its first mission to study the sun, in 2020, Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman K. Sivan said on Thursday. “The aim of the mission is to keep... Read more »

NASA Twin Satellites to Study Signal Disruption From Space

This visualization shows the relative density of certain particles in Earth’s ionosphere. NASA is preparing to launch twin satellites this month that focus on how radio signals that pass through the Earth’s... Read more »

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Clay Cache on Mars

Drilling by Curiosity Mars rover at a region of the Red Planet called the “clay-bearing unit” has revealed the highest amounts of clay minerals ever found during the mission, NASA has said.... Read more »

SpaceX Internet Satellites Pose New Headache for Astronomers

It looked like a scene from a sci-fi blockbuster: an astronomer in the Netherlands captured footage of a train of brightly-lit SpaceX satellites ascending through the night sky this weekend, stunning space... Read more »

Samsung AI Center’s Shows New Algorithm That Can Animate a Talking Head With Just a Single Photo

  Artificial intelligence or AI can be a useful tool to help take the burden off our shoulders when it comes to trivial and mundane tasks. Companies like Google have used AI... Read more »