Blue Origin Will Take First Woman to Moon’s Surface, Jeff Bezos Says

“This (BE-7) is the engine that will take the first woman to the surface of the Moon,” Bezos said Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin will take the first woman to the... Read more »

China’s Moon Probe to Seek First Lunar Rocks Retrieval for a Nation Since 1970s

Chang’e-5 mission may help answer questions as how long the moon remained volcanically active in interior China plans to launch an unmanned spacecraft to the moon this week to bring back lunar... Read more »

NASA Scientists ‘Surprised’ After Finding ‘Unexpected’ Molecule in Titan’s Atmosphere

In a first, NASA scientists have spotted a molecule of cyclopropenylidene (C3H2) in the atmosphere of the largest of Saturn’s 62 moons, Titan. Calling this development ‘unexpected’, scientists claim that this is... Read more »

NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins, Two Russian Cosmonauts Blast Off to International Space Station

  A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying a US astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts blasted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Wednesday and successfully reached orbit, live footage broadcast by Russia’s... Read more »

China’s New Spacecraft Returns to Earth

China’s new prototype spacecraft “successfully landed” on Friday, marking an important step in its ambitions to run a permanent space station and send astronauts to the moon. The spacecraft — which was launched Tuesday — arrived... Read more »

Captain Marvel 2 Officially a Go, With WandaVision Writer in Final Talks

Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios Brie Larson as Captain Marvel HIGHLIGHTS Captain Marvel 2 release date might be in 2022 Brie Larson will naturally return in the lead role The first movie made... Read more »

Space Force: Donald Trump Officially Launches New US Military Service for Combat in Outer Space

Photo Credit: Twitter/ US Space Force Today outer space has evolved into a war-fighting domain of its own, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Highlights Trump signed legislation Friday to create a... Read more »

Airtel New Plans: Prepaid Prices Hiked, Long-Term Tariffs Start at Rs. 1,498

Airtel new plan have been announced, with price revisions as promised by the telco Highlights Airtel new plan prices see the Rs. 129 plan updated to Rs. 148 Airtel has also revised... Read more »

Apple May Be Building Next-Gen Media Apps for Windows, Job Listing Suggests

Apple is looking to hire employees with UWP app experience Highlights The candidate must have at least four plus years of experience The candidate should have Mac and Windows cross-platform experience Apple... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy A30s Price Revealed, Goes on Sale Next Month

Samsung Galaxy A30s comes in four colours but only three will be offered in Germany Highlights Samsung Galaxy A30s features a triple rear camera setup Samsung Galaxy A30s packs a 4,000mAh batter... Read more »