Woman Techie, Shortlisted For Termination, Found Dead in Hyderabad

Harini was employed with a software firm for the last two years, police said. (Representational image)   Hyderabad: A woman techie in Telangana, put on notice by her employers, was found hanging at... Read more »

How to Fight the Spies in Your Chrome Browser

Is your web browser spying on you? My recent column about the stark privacy differences between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox generated a lot of conversation – and questions from readers about... Read more »

Google Enables Auto-Delete Feature for Location History, Activity Data on Android, iOS Devices

  Google has started rolling out the auto-delete feature on Android and iOS to let users easily manage their location history and activity data. The feature, which was announced last month, gives... Read more »

Google Play Spotted With More Than 2,000 Malware-Laden Counterfeit Apps

  Google actively works to combat malware found on the official Android app store – Google Play. But there is no doubt it could improve its screening process in the app approval... Read more »

Hotstar Breaks Record With 100 Million Daily Active Users on India vs Pakistan Match Day

  Hotstar on Monday announced it had seen a record 100 million active users in a single day during the recent India vs Pakistan match in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup... Read more »

Mozilla Firefox Fixes Zero-Day Exploits That Impacted Coinbase Employees, Mac Users Involved in Cryptocurrency Exchange

  Mozilla has patched a couple of zero-day vulnerabilities on Firefox through two separate security updates. While the first zero-day flaw was described as a “remote code execution” vulnerability that enabled remote... Read more »

Google Maps Flooded With Over 11 Million False Listings

  With thousands of new fake accounts being added every month, Google Maps is flooded by about 11 million false listings and phone numbers that reroute to competing businesses. The majority of... Read more »

Google Neighbourly App Update Brings Ability to Post Photos, Create Events, and Share Tips

  Google introduced the Neighbourly app last year in Mumbai as an experiment to get users of the same area to connect and solve each other’s issues. Later in 2018, the app... Read more »

Amazon Flex Will Let You Earn Extra Cash Delivering Packages for Amazon India Part Time

  Amazon India has announced the launch of Amazon Flex, a program that lets people sign up to deliver Amazon packages part time and earn some cash in the process. Amazon says... Read more »

Adobe Unveils AI Tool That Can Detect Photoshopped Faces

  Adobe, along with researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, have trained artificial intelligence (AI) to detect facial manipulation in images edited using the Photoshop software. At a time when deepfake visual content... Read more »