Facebook Makes It Trivial to Find Information Associated With Any Mobile Number

A built-in Facebook feature has become the subject of a new controversy. The social juggernaut, by default, allows users to look up and identify a profile by simply typing in someone’s phone... Read more »

Most Twitter Users Not Globally Aware

In a result that highlights the paradoxes of the modern world, a new study says Twitter users are much more likely to connect to nearby places. Geographers at the University of California... Read more »

Replying to Customers on Twitter Can Trigger More Complaints

The response by a company to a customer’s complaint on the micro-blogging site Twitter is likely to trigger many more such complaints, says a study co-authored by an Indian-origin researcher. The team... Read more »

Revealed: The Most Used Happiness Expression on Facebook

Most people express happiness with “ha ha” followed by emojis, “he he” and “LOL (laughing out loud)”, says a recent Facebook research on e-laughing. The vast majority of people are “haha-ers” (51.4... Read more »

US Teens Tune Into Online Friendships

The online world is where it’s at for teens looking to make friends.A study released Thursday found more than half of US teens have met new friends through social networks or video... Read more »