Lenovo Covertly Downloading, Installing Software on Its Windows PC

Lenovo has reportedly been caught using a “rootkit-like” technique to forcefully install a bunch of software on its Windows-powered machines. The largest PC vendor is said to be using the BIOS to... Read more »

Microsoft Patches Windows Vulnerability That Allowed Attacks via USB Drive

Microsoft’s scheduled Patch Tuesday update brings fixes to a number of vulnerabilities including one that allowed an attacker to gain elevated privilege access to a Windows PC and execute malicious code by... Read more »

Hardkernel ODROID-C1+ Mini PC Launches

Hardkernel has introduced a new addition to their range of mini PC boards with the launch of the ODROID-C1+ that is now available to purchase priced at $37 and supports both Linux... Read more »

Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray should arrive in time for the holidays

Old-school optical media will look a little sharper with the arrival of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs this holiday season. The Blu-ray Disc Association says it will start licensing the 4K video format... Read more »

Why Linux enthusiasts are arguing over Purism’s sleek, idealistic Librem laptops

Purism’s idealistic Librem laptops are causing controversy in the free software community. Purism promised to blend high-end, current hardware with completely free and open-source software in its laptops. CoreBoot developers, the LibreBoot... Read more »

Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 Fanless Mini PC Introduced

Small form factor PC maker Shuttle has introduced a new addition to their range this week unveiling the Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 that takes the form of a fanless PC that is... Read more »

Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock Launch Z170 Motherboards for Intel ‘Skylake’ CPUs

With Intel having formally unveiled its ‘Skylake’ sixth-generation Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K processors, motherboard manufacturers have launched entirely new product lines based on the supporting Intel Z170 chipset. Skylake CPUs require... Read more »

Synaptics will put fingerprint sensors in PC touchpads to enable Windows Hello

Synaptics said this week that it is working with Microsoft to bring touchpads with integrated fingerprint sensors to PC hardware makers, making Microsoft’s Windows Hello technology available to more people. A Synaptics... Read more »

How to replace Windows Media Center’s DVR features in Windows 10

Microsoft didn’t do cord cutters any favors with Windows 10. As revealed a few months ago, the free upgrade for Windows 7 and higher wipes out Windows Media Center, a decade-old program... Read more »

New tool reawakens disabled hardware in high-end AMD Radeon graphics cards

A new user-created tool could help you coax more performance out of your AMD Radeon graphics card. Maybe. The latest GPU hacking project making the rounds on the Overclock.net forums is a... Read more »