Google Set to ‘Redesign’ Sharing Menu on Android to Deliver Faster Experience

Google is considering fixing the sharing menu on Android as a “priority”, revealed Android Engineering VP Dave Burke. The executive also said that his team was working on a redesign to deliver a faster and nicer sharing experience to users. An improved sharing menu on Android has become the need of the hour as it started lagging following the arrival of new options to share. Also, even in Android Pie, the search giant hasn’t provided any major fix towards the sharing menu.

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“It’s a priority, just a big job,” Burke said while responding to Artem Russakovskii of Android Police on whether the team is fixing the sharing menu on Android. “We’re working on a redesign with a different underlying data model (push vs pull) that will be much faster and nicer to use.”

As Burke specified in his response, the Android team is changing the underlying data model to pushing data to the menu instead of having the menu pull that data once someone tries to share on a device. This reduces the time being consumed by pulling the data.

Burke hasn’t mentioned that how the team will push the redesigned sharing menu to Android devices around the globe. It is, however, safe to presume that the new experience could be a part of the next Android Pie point release or one of the first beta builds of Android Q that could come sometime in the first quarter of next year.

At the Android Developer Summit last week, Google hinted at the arrival of Android Q for all developers earlier than expected by announcing the release of Generic System Image (GSI) for the general public. The new Android platform is also set to have a bunch of features dedicated to foldable smartphones, one of which will certainly come from a Samsung factory in the coming future. Furthermore, there will be a multi-resume feature to provide space for multiple apps to run simultaneously.

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