US Democrats, Tech Vendors Stop Cyber-Attack Aimed at Campaigns

The US Democratic National Committee stopped an attempted cyber-attack on an internal website, a Democratic party official told Reuters on Wednesday. Cyber-security firm Lookout and cloud service company DigitalOcean called the DNC to... Read more »

Twitter Launches Requests Tab and Quality Filter for Direct Messages

Messages from users you don’t follow will appear as Requests You will be asked to either Delete or Accept the message Twitter has also brought a ‘Quality Filter’ tool Twitter has rolled out... Read more »

HTC ‘U’ Series Launch Event on August 30, U12 Life Expected

HTC has confirmed a launch event on August 30 It is largely expected to launch the HTC U12 Life The smartphone is tipped to be priced at $349 HTC has announced an event... Read more »

US Mobile Network Limits Access to Firefighters Battling Blaze

A US mobile network has come under criticism after severely limiting service to firefighters battling the biggest wildfire in California’s history. Santa Clara County Fire Department Chief Tony Bowden said Verizon Wireless had hindered... Read more »

Game of Thrones for Android, iOS, and PC Announced

Reigns: Game of Thrones is out this October It features music from the TV show It is priced at Rs. 299 Popular monarchy simulator Reigns is teaming up with Game of Thrones for Reigns: Game of... Read more »