Xcode 7.0.1 Fixes Bugs Related to iOS 9 App Thinning

Apple announced earlier this month that it was delaying the release of an iOS 9 feature called ‘app thinning’, also known as ‘app slicing’, due to an issue affecting iCloud. The company on Monday released Xcode 7.0.1 for developers that comes with fixes for related bugs, suggesting that the release of the aforementioned feature might happen soon enough.

App thinning is a feature in iOS 9 that allows Apple to make your device download only the app assets that are relevant for it and leave behind resources that are developed for other models. The company had announced last week that an iCloud bug is preventing it from enabling this feature. “App slicing is currently unavailable for iOS 9 apps due to an issue affecting iCloud backups created from iOS 9 where some apps from the App Store would only restore to the same model of iOS device,” the company had said.

Xcode 7.0.1, the latest version of the IDE tool that allows developers to make apps for OS X and iOS operating systems, comes with fixes for “bugs related to app thinning”, and Apple does not elaborate further than that. At this point it is not known whether Apple has fixed all the concerning bugs that are stopping it from releasing the app thinning feature. The company has also not offered a definite release timeframe for the rollout of app thinning feature, but the release of Xcode version suggests that it could happen soon enough. App thinning was first introduced for developers with Xcode 7.

As of current, iOS mobile app developers create only one variant of their app – known as universal version – that works with a range of products sporting different screen sizes and hardware specifications. This version consists of assets for a number of devices. Bundling extra assets, as you can imagine, eats up more storage, which is something concerning for space-conscious users especially those who purchase 16GB variant of iPhone or iPad.

Porn app takes secret pictures, then blackmails users

The “Adult Player” app lures users into downloading it by claiming to be a pornographic video player. But users that open it instead see a picture of themselves, and a message demanding that they pay $500 (£330).<br />
An Android app that has been found that claimed to offer porn and instead just took pictures of users, before threatening to make them public if they did not hand over cash.

The “Adult Player” app lures users into downloading it by claiming to be a pornographic video player. But users that open it instead see a picture of themselves, and a message demanding that they pay $500 (£330).

The software locks the phone so that users can only see the note and nothing else, whatever they do. It presents itself as a message from the FBI — including a log of the IP address and an apparent case number — and tells users that they have been fined $500.

The screen will stay on screen even if users turn off the phone and turn it back on.

It also cannot be uninstalled using normal methods. Users can boot it into safe mode, remove administrator privileges for the app and then uninstall it as normal.

But the researchers that found the software, ZScaler, said that users should be careful to avoid downloading it in the first place. The app can’t be downloaded from Google Play, and the security company suggests only downloading apps from trusted sources.

Phones can be forced only to download software from such places by checking the “Unknown Sources” option in the phone’s security settings.

Assam government launches disaster management app

Apart from being located in the high seismic Zone V, the state is also in a frequent flood and landslides prone area. The app can also be used in the event of other disasters like fire.<br />
GUWAHATI: And now, an app for smartphone users of Assam, which is highly prone to very high disasters, to seek not just support in the event of any emergency but enable them to send distress messages.

Apart from being located in the high seismic Zone V, the state is also in a frequent flood and landslides prone area. The app can also be used in the event of other disasters like fire.

Billed as the first of its kind mobile android application, the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) as launched this “Disaster Ready Assam” (DRA.) The app will be available for downloading in the ASDMA website and Google Play Store, officials said.

“The app has various inbuilt features which will disseminate safety information on various hazards and users will be able to seek support in case of any emergency. The app is not only a modern day IEC tool but it would also enable the users to send in-built distress messages. Using a real-time location tracking system, the users’ location can be identified and ASDMA can alert the concerned agencies for necessary action,” the official said.

Like most other popular apps, the users have to first create a profile to register their mobiles. Hologram, a Guwahati-based private IT firm engaged by ASDMA has prepared the mobile application.

Tap on this app and book workout activities of your choice

Tap on this app and book workout activities of your choice

If you bored with the monotonous workout activities in your nearby gym or facing a time crunch to opt for an activity of your own choice, you need not worry any more as Fiticket, a new app will now fetch you a list of interesting activities which you can choose to remain fit and cheerful.

This app looks to break the monotony by adding variety like never before, ensuring convenience and increasing awareness of what’s around the citizens. With the help of this app, one can pick up the location and browse through a list of 2,000 activities at the click of the button on the go.

Sahil Kukreja, founder and CEO of Fiticket said, “We have covered more than 600 locations in Mumbai alone and have more than 100 tie ups in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi which makes it more than 900 tie ups across these cities. Fiticket has grown four fold with 5000 registered users over a period of 45 days. The app offers about 2000 activities in a day and is available on Android and iOS.”

Fiticket provides an option for basic activities like using the gym and swimming pool along with a of group classes like yoga, zumba, pilates, crossfit and spinning.

A variety of dance classes are available such as salsa, jazz, contemporary, tango, and kathak. MMA activities include kickboxing, taekwondo, krav maga, kalaripattayu, judo and tai chi. Exciting new premium activities such as aerial yoga, surfboard workouts, capoeira, bokwa, trx as well many heart based group workouts such as cross and functional training, body pump and body combat can be found in Fiticket.
One has to download the app, browse and discover classes, view class details, book with the click of a button, view venue details and get directions, attend the class and workout any time, anywhere.

‘Shoto’ Photo Sharing App for Friends Launched

Indian-origin entrepreneur Sachin Dev Duggal, based in San Francisco, on Friday globally launched a new photo sharing app “Shoto” here.

“A trillion pictures were taken on a smartphone in the last one year which goes to show the engagement by users. Users are now more interested in photos which were clicked by others but curation always has been a problem. Shoto makes getting photos clicked by friends on various occasions easier,” Duggal told IANS.

“Shoto tells you how many photos were taken with friends or family members from times spent together and easily lets users share photos and create private or public albums.

“It collects metadata from the phone and asks the user if he or she wants to share the photos, so the privacy issue is also taken care of,” he explained.

The app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play Store, can be downloaded in over 120 countries with local language support. Among the languages available are Hindi, Spanish, French and Mandarin.

Shoto, which was in beta mode till Friday, cost the founder $1.2 million in development. It was founded in 2013 with the intent to solve the inefficiencies often attributed with sharing photos.

The app company also got funding of $1.5 million from investors like Real Ventures and Kunal Nayyar, the Indian-origin actor of popular TV series “The Big Bang Theory”.

Shoto is also a partner of the UN Foundation since June 26, 2015.

Netflix Gets In App Subscriptions On iPhone And iPad


Netflix has announced that it has now added in app subscriptions to its iPhone and iPad app and you can now subscribe to their movie and TV show streaming service  using in app purchases.

Previously this was not available as Apple charges 30% to company’s for purchases using their app store and other company’s like Spotify charge more to subscribe through Apple than if you go direct.

Luckily Netflix has decided not to charge more if you subscribe to their service using in apps purchases, the news of the new feature was announced on Twitter.

Microsoft Launches ‘Keyboard for Excel’ App for Android Tablets


Microsoft on Thursday launched an app called Keyboard for Excel on Google Play for Android 4.0 and higher tablet devices. As yet, the app is restricted to users in the US, and Microsoft notes that “this is an experimental keyboard that supports only English characters without auto-correct and gesture typing.”As the name suggests, Keyboard for Excel (download) is specifically optimised for users to efficiently work on Excel projects. The app is a Microsoft Garage project that provides a 10-key number layout (or numpad) on the right side of the keyboard along with a ‘Tab’ key on the left, just like the full-size physical keyboard.Not just that, the Keyboard for Excel app also includes Microsoft Excel operators prioritised in the keyboard layout for quick turnaround. The keyboard can also work like any other third party keyboard on Android tablet. and not just within the Excel app.

Earlier than this, the Microsoft Garage project behind the Keyboard for Excel app had launched two interesting lock-screen apps called the Next Lock Screen and Picturesque Lock Screen for Android devices.

The Picturesque Lock Screen app was launched earlier this month, whereas the Next Lock Screen was launched in January.

The highlight of the Picturesque Lock Screen app is that it can change images (choosing from the past 6 days of Bing home pages) with just a shake of the phone or by swiping to the right.

Both apps -the Next Lock Screen and Picturesque Lock Screen – allow users to access missed call notifications, text messages and also the search function directly from the lock screen without unlocking the phone, a stock feature found only in Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher devices.