How Can Cloud Based Email Archiving Benefit You?

If you have a commercial business and you want to survive and thrive in the competitive world by using electronic communication, then you need email archive solutions in place that manages your emails and offers you security. Each year, we send and receive more and more emails and if you don’t have a good archiving solutions in place, you will be at risk of malware attacks, security breaches, data loss, and other legal issues.

In order to manage this properly, all your incoming and outgoing emails will be properly archived. This has to be in full compliance with the revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedures in the United States. The best way to do this, and to be fully compliant, is through cloud archiving solutions. This means all data is stored, but that it is stored off-site as well, meaning your intellectual property is always protected, even if your entire computer system would catch fire.

Why You Should Choose Cloud Solutions

  1. It ensures you are compliant with e-discovery requests. You may face a legal suit if you do not comply with security norms and message passages. If a legal dispute is in place, whether you are at fault or not, your email archiving solution will make sure that you can have the issue resolved. The fact that it is so efficient in this is one of the key benefits of these programs, and why all businesses should have them in place. If you are HIPPA, SEC, or GLBA regulated, you have to have an archiving solution.
  2. Your emails cannot be tampered with. Should you face litigation, you will have to send all your emails to an external party, and they will determine whether the documents are original and have not been modified. Having archiving solutions in place makes that possible and ensures you are fully SEC compliant at the same time.
  3. You will have unlimited storage when you go on the cloud. If you use an on-site option, you will be limited by how many emails can be held. With the exponential growth of big data, not storing on the cloud is a waste of time since you will soon outgrow what you have available.
  4. You can instantly recover from a disaster. Should something go wrong that means your computers and network is lost, such as a fire, flood, natural disaster, or other such problem, all your information will still be available. You can simply access your storage from a new location, be that in the same building or half way across the world, and get all your information back in an instant.
  5. It allows you to quickly and easily monitor any messages that come into your business. You can make sure that your employees are compliant with your internal policies and with government regulations instantly.

An added benefit is that these storage solutions may also be able to protect you from spam attacks, which further protects your organization as a whole.

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