Top 5 Tips for Choosing Aluminium Windows for your Home and Office

It’s difficult to imagine any modern building without aluminium windows or parts. You have some many good reasons to choose aluminium windows over traditional timber like – high strength, temperature tolerant, corrosion proof, and much more. It is amazing but there are few things that you should keep in mind while choosing aluminium windows.

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Not every aluminium window is created equal. And just like raw aluminium, they come in different variations. You will also have to consider making choices on their security, installations and other steps. So here are 5 things you should keep in mind when choosing aluminium windows-

Aluminium Grades and types

Aluminium comes in different grades and finished. The grades determine how strong the frame is and allow for flexibility in seal tolerances. There are also energy ratings to consider which are largely dependent on your thermal conditions.

In terms of finishes, you can go for the bare metal finish or powder coating. For some special orders, you can also get them with designer finished like gloss or satin. It all depends on the style and look you want to achieve. Consult the spec sheet for more info before placing the order.

Don’t Forget the Additional Parts

Aluminiumwindows are not just structuralframes. When installing the windows; you have complete freedom to choose the accessories that go along. You can have sliders, openings, shutters, motors and much more.

You can use gas-filled chambers, specially fitted locks, and motor operated sliders. The window installation contractor will show you a lot of options but only choose the ones that you would actually use. The more complicated you make the system, the higher the prices the contractor can charge.

Get Varying Price Quotes

Try to get as many quotes as possible. This will help you to take a better decision. You should also know that many aluminium windows and frame systems are badge manufactured, meaning they come with different brands names but are the same product.

You will also come across terms like premium and high-end windows. These do not mean anything and just a way to fool an unaware buyer. Look at the brand names and part number of the frame profiles and match it across offers. The parts should be similarly priced.

Match it with Your Architecture

If you are looking to restore a period house, then maybe don’t consider factory made options. In such a case, try to get a custom window installation. The main point is to match your requirements with the actual product.

An office aluminium window design will be different from a home focussed one. There are certain composite aluminium window designs that are meant to be used in contemporary or wood focussed designs. Get in touch with a good supplier and he should tell you a lot about the available options.

Security – External and Structural

Most window systems are the weakest components in-house design. But the aluminium windows are atan advantage here. They are structurally very strong and because of their flexibility, they can be configured to various shapes and sizes.

When choosing aluminium windows, ensure that they comply with the local standards. Many local bodies certainguidelines for homeowners to follow. Get the contractor to match with those requirements.

Similarly, check out other security features like storm-proofing, bulletproofing, shatter resistance etc. These features will jack up the price but should give you some peace of mind.

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