The best Houseplants to Spruce up Your Home

Do you love spending time with nature? If greenery and blooming plant-life rejuvenate you, how about houseplants? Having a plant or two could be the missing piece in your décor. The plant will dress up your home.

Wondering about caring for the plants? Well, as one of the best injury lawyers, your plate is full with cases so, high-maintenance plants aren’t suitable. Fortunately, there are numerous low-maintenance plants that you could have at home, or at the office.

Before we look at the plants you should consider, why do we recommend houseplants?

Besides aesthetics, plants are free air purifiers. They improve air quality, enhancing your memory, focus, and concentration.

You also need a houseplant (or 10) to increase humidity, reduce stress and fatigue, for boosting your mental health, and they are stylish addition to your home.

You also need plants to lower carbon dioxide level, the levels of the airborne dust particle and to keep the air temperatures down.

Plants are also useful in lowering the levels of background noises from inside and outside your home.

You might also need houseplants to negate cigarette smoke.

Finally, they also increase happiness, lower blood pressure, and to increase your recovery time.

Best houseplants


If you are looking for smaller plants requiring little maintenance and care, choose succulents. They are also suitable for use in dim areas. They are available in different shapes and sizes, and they thrive well everywhere.

While some variations of succulents require more light than others. They are easy to take care of – you can use them as decorations for shelves, window sills or tables.

Tall plants

If you have ample and empty space in the corners of your home, you could fill those spaces with beautiful tall houseplants. The houseplants will liven the space and spruce up your style effortlessly.

You might find that there is tall plant suitable for low-light areas. Though beautiful, they are expensive than other tall plants. You also need bigger plant pots for the tall plants and to complete the look of your home.

Flowering plants

Would you like to bring some of that outdoor burst of color indoors? Try flowering plants.

Unfortunately, indoor flowering plants aren’t easy to take care of, and you will have to dedicate more time. Since they brighten spaces and liven rooms, they are worth the trouble.

Large leaf houseplants

The large leaf plants are plants that make a statement. They, however, require more care and dedication, as well as the right environment to thrive. They are, however, beautiful additions to contemporary or minimalist décor.

Pet-safe houseplants

If you have pets, you will have to get pet-safe houseplants. These plants are non-toxic and easy to care for and maintain.

Bamboo plants

They are stylish and low-maintenance plants which work as great accent pieces. They are however plants that require a lot of light to survive. They also need more water.

So, if you are looking for plants to liven your home, you might want to get one of these plants.

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