Audials Moviebox 2016 review

Watching videos via streaming takes on an important part in our life and almost every person is interested in any kind of film. For being able to make the most of paid streaming services, Audials Moviebox 2016″ is a good solution at an affordable price……Here is the overall description about this versatile tool:


Audials Moviebox is referred to as a video streaming recorderand is an all-in-one entertainment solution to record, manage and convert (in 44 different file formats) all video contents from online video services and Websites. It also has a function tolegally copy DVD’s (protected or unprotected).  With a powerful recording function, recordings are made without any loss of quality. Therefore, it ispossible to save any video stream, film, series, short clips etc.

Getting more and more popular in the digital world, Audials Moviebox is a fantastic software, which works smoothly for recording video contents, converting them into many formats e.g. AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV etc.for all devices such as PCs, smartphones, tabletsor game consoles and copying DVDs. Files are managed on the PC and in the cloud.

Audials Moviebox 2016 Allows You To:

  • Legally record all kind of video contents
  • Convert video contents into many formats for all devices
  • Make most of your streaming subscriptions
  • Record entire series from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video
  • Archive Movies
  • Copy DVDs
  • And More

On top of all this, the new generation of “Audials Moviebox” is able to record TV series, online films and short videos. In addition, it automatically saves the video in any file size by synchronized media form.

Another interesting point is the conversion speed with Audials Movieboxinto plenty of file formats.

What are the System Requirements for Audials Moviebox2016:

You’ll find out that it’s a streaming recorder software for many video platforms like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and so on, which saves any video/movie or even entire series. Now, let’s have a brief look on its overall system requirements:


  1. Platform required: (Windows 10, 8, Windows 7 &Vista)
  2. Version: 2016
  3. Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese
  4. Brand: Audials
  5. Operating System: Windows
  6. Sales for: Worldwide
  7. 1 GB RAM
  8. Download Size: 2 MB
  9. 1 GB hard drive space
  10. Release Date: October, 2015 (7 Months ago)
  11. Download time: 1 minute on Broadband Connection, 4 minutes on dial-up
  12. Price: $49.90
  13. DeliveryType: Downloadable


Following are some of the video formats in use for Audials Moviebox2016 :


Why Audials  Moviebox ?

  • Record video streams &manage videos:Equipped with all features to record all videos from all platforms,Audials Moviebox known as  no. 1 video recorder. The software is also constantly updated at no extra cost for the user to make sure that it keeps working smoothly.
  • Copy DVD’s: By copying you video files from DVD’s (both protected or unprotected type), archiving content becomes very easy.
  • Media Center: Keep the video library updated,edits video files manually & organize your video collection on the PC and in the cloud.
  • Video Converter:It simply converts video files from one format to another eg. WMV, MP4, MPEG, MOV.
  • Record from Netflix: Allows to record all seriesfrom Netflix, episodes by episode and to save them into separate files.
  • Edit Recordings:Many tagsfor video files can be added or changed manually.
  • Movies and Entertainment: Experience the world of entertainment by easily managing all files and playing them back conveniently directly in the software.  No longer miss any blockbusters from online video libraries and enjoy every part of it.


This tool released in 2015 has so many features. Let’s have a glance on its specialized improvements:

  • Record protected streams:Technological standards might change from time to time, so that only the current generation: Audials Moviebox 2016 is able to record streams keeps working under the constant improvements.
  • Simplified recording methods:Recording video streams becomes very easy with the preconfigured tiles for all major streaming services. This allows everyone, beginner or expert, to use the best recording method.
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 10:Audials Moviebox 2016 can be used with the operating system Windows 10. But also Windows 8, 7 and Vista are supported.
  • Auto-updates:Automatic and free auto-updates keep making Audials Moviebox 2016 compatible with the technical changes of the streaming services.
  • Auto-tagging films:Using the editor, you have now the opportunity to change the tags that have been added automatically such as title, cover image, genre, year, cast, director, producers, scriptwriter, production company, country of origin.


Wow! “DOWNLOAD MORE…CONVERT MORE…SAVE MORE”!!  This product is a great online video streaming recorder with handy video features for recording, converting&organizing files.

Audials makes you enjoy your media anywhere, directly from the clouds with an excellent price. Sofeel comfortable to record, save & convert movies, series and DVDs with the latest version of Audials Moviebox. And, guys…it’s on top of our list, an excellent “Movie Recording Software which sorts your video private library&is convenient to use.

So,just record and convert movies, video streams and copy DVDs to enjoy them anywhere!! And Stay tuned with us…

Trump or not, ‘big data’ could be huge in 2016 vote

“Big data” could play a huge role in the 2016 US election, even if Donald Trump doesn’t think so.

Trump, who sailed through the Republican primaries using unconventional campaign rallies and Twitter messages, has indicated that he sees little use for popular data analytics tools to help target specific voters.

But analysts say he may be at a disadvantage in the general election if he stays on that course.

“In the primaries, he was only looking for Republican voters, and in the general he needs all voters,” said Alan Rosenblatt, a digital political strategist.

“Unless he starts to be more sophisticated in how he targets his message, he’s not going to have a good sense of where he’s going to win and not win and where he should put his resources.”

Trump’s rise appeared to take the wind out of the sails of data crunchers and the techniques that helped the 2012 re-election campaign of President Barack Obama.

Trump is defying the traditional wisdom in both political parties, which have been ramping up the way they use data to help candidates and their backers personalize their pitch to raise funds and get out the vote on election day.

Jordan Cohen at the digital marketing firm Fluent, which works with candidates, said the Trump campaign “has exhibited the least amount of digital sophistication or interest” and that this could hurt his efforts.

Cohen said email fundraising, which has become a staple for candidates, requires considerable work to build a supporter unscrambler base.

“Now that the Trump campaign wants to raise funds from the public they are certainly at a disadvantage by not having spent the past year building up a big database,” Cohen said.

Better data crunching

The 2016 campaign could see more sophisticated data efforts thanks to advances in computing technology.

Campaigns have been speeding up how they collect and analyze data to form the so-called predictive models that can help determine tactics and strategy.

Consulting firms boast of having as much as 1,500 “data points” or bits of information about voters, and dozens of “voter models” that categorize individuals for targeted messages.

The data ranges from voter registration databases to public records on hunting or fishing licenses or gun ownership, to online “cookies” or small programs which track Web browsing and purchase activity.

“This is ‘Moneyball’ for politics—it’s about running smarter, more efficient campaigns, and the more data you have, the more effective you can be,” said Tom Bonier, chief executive of TargetSmart, a political consultancy, referring to the book and subsequent hit movie using data to build a winning baseball team.

Because the campaigns can’t reach everyone, they want to find the most “persuadable” people, according to specially designed formulas or algorithms.

“In 2012 for the first time we were able to successfully model persuadability,” said Dan Porter, a member of the Obama data team who co-founded BlueLabs, a consulting firm now working with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“We’ve had four years now and we think we are able to develop a persuasion model with more precision.”

Contacting the most persuadable voters is critical for campaigns. Reaching out to those opposed may backfire by making them even more committed to an opponent.

Beyond ‘cookies’

TargetSmart, which works with the Democratic party and political action groups, said it has begun working with Facebook data that eliminates the need for tracking cookies.

The consultancy has matched 191 million voter file records to Facebook users to be able to deliver targeted messages to people on whatever device they are using, said Bonier.

Bonier said this is more accurate than using tracking cookies because it is based on user log-ins regardless of the device.

He noted that Facebook’s platform provides important clues because it uses people’s “likes,” which can be important for political campaigns.

“We have a lot of our own data, but what Facebook brings to the table is the ‘likes,’ the attitudinal information.”

Some Republican candidates have used predictive models from a firm called Cambridge Analytica, which offers profiles of voters for so-called behavioral microtargeting.

Chris Wilson, a consultant for Republican Ted Cruz’s campaign which used the Cambridge scores, argued that using this data is positive for the democratic process.

“You have so many people who have become disenfranchised because they do not believe the political system speaks to them,” Wilson told a recent Washington forum.

“Once we are able to understand what an individual voter cares about and we are able to talk to them about that issue, it creates a level of connection between the voter and the candidate, and that is what politics should be about.”

Wilson said Cruz—who dropped out of the White House race—effectively used these tools, but that Trump prevailed because he was able to reach more people with media coverage, which he equated to “$2 billion in free advertising.”

But while better data can help campaigns operate more efficiently, the growing use of these tools also raises privacy issues, says Jules Polonetsky, who heads the Future of Privacy Forum think tank in Washington.

“There is a lot of sloshing around the system that, if breached, could put the system at risk,” Polonetsky said.

“Every piece of information tied to your name is available to these groups.”

Is it hard to remove your iMessage? Try Movavi Mac Cleaner!

iMessage is an application that can send instant messages. This application was developed by Apple for various Apple devices, such as the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other devices. iMessage runs on OS X that provides instant messaging capabilities. However, there are some aspects which cause most people do not like iMessage. In fact, how to delete iMessage on Mac was not as easy as they had thought previously. Mac’s OS does not allow users to drag the iMessage icon to the Trash so they require a special application. Today, if you are an Apple user who wants to remove iMessage, you can find a variety of applications that can be used. But I myself think that the best one is Movavi Mac Cleaner.

video rec 2


It has been used by millions of people in getting rid of unwanted various applications on their Mac. This application is able to work very efficiently, passing many complex stages usually taken. By using this application, many Mac users could improve the performance of their devices significantly. Movavi Mac Cleaner is the best choice for Mac application removal tasks.

At first, you need to download the app remover. The download process would take only a few minutes and Bingo! Your Movavi Mac Cleaner is ready to work! The app will automatically scan your Mac, detecting all unnecessary files. To remove iMessage you can run a manual setting.
Steps in removing iMessage
You can open uninstaller menu and switch to OS X Apps menu. All the programs you have installed will be displayed in alphabetical order. The next step is to look for iMessage and click the Remove button. This step is very easy to do and you do not need to be a Mac expert to do so. You should be aware that in OS X, iMessage is denoted as the Messages. After removing iMessage you can double check to make sure there is no residue left behind. By using Movavi Mac Cleaner then you can save storage space of your Mac files, thus optimizing the performance of your Mac device.

Easy Recovery Of Files On IOS Devices

Many times it happens that we delete some of our important files from our iDevices and are unable to recover them. Whether it’s an accidental delete or may be a direct delete, the files is gone. But actually it’s not if you want to get back your deleted file on your iDevice you must try Wondershare‘s Dr Fone For IOS which helps to data recovery mostly all the Files which inlcudes : Contacts, Messages, Call History, Notes, Photos, Video, Calendar, Reminder, WhatsApp Messages, Messenger, Voice Memos, Voice Mail, and so on.

Wondershare’s Dr Fone For IOS is one of the best iPhone Data Recovery software available online. It’s an All-In-One Recovery and data recovery software for iDevices. Dr Fone supports mostly all the IOS devices which includes : iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod 4 Gen and iPod 5 Gen. It also supports all the versions of IOS released till the date. You can get this software for as low as $99, before buying if you want to have a trial then you can find its trial version on the official website of Wondershare.


Features Of Wondershare Dr Fone For IOS

  • Best IOS data recovery software by a Top Software Producer.
  • Supports mostly all the devices including the new iPhone 5 SE, and iPhone 6s Plus.
  • Can recover data from all of the conditions including : Deleted Data, System Crash, Forgotten Password, Virus Infected, Damaged, Or even if Stolen.
  • You can recover mostly all the types of Data like Messages, Contacts, Audio/Video Files, Documents, WhatsApp Messages, Messenger, etc.
  • You can recover Data with 3 Easy Modes : Either iCloud , iTunes or Data saved in your iDevice.
  • Before you start the recovery process you can preview your data which you want to recover.
  • You can easily select the desired files which you want to recover.
  • Easy 3 steps data recovery.
  • Highest data recovery rate in the industry.


How To Use Dr Fone For IOS : Recovery Process

Before we start the recovering process. Please make sure that you have Dr Fone For IOS installed on your PC. Either you can purchase it from the official website or Download the Trial Version of Dr Fone For IOS to understand the recover process.

  • First, you will need to connect your iDevice to your PC using an USB Cable. Make sure it’s the original lightning cable(better performance with lightning cable).
  • Afterwards Open Dr Fone For IOS on your PC. Select your device from the list.
  • Now, Turn your iDevice into DFU mode and proceed for next step.
  • Now, on your PC you will be able to see the files which you can recover on your iDevice. Select the files which you want to recover, if you want to recover all the files simple click Select All.
  • Now, it will give you an full preview of the files which you selected to recover on your iDevice.
  • If you find the right files then you may proceed for the recovery process by clicking the Start button in Dr Fone.
  • After the process ends. Restart your iDevice.
  • After the restart you will be able to see the files which you wanted to recover on your iDevice.

So, it was a simple and basic guide on Recovering Files From Your iDevices free.


Blackshades Malware Co-Creator Gets Five Years of Probation

Blackshades Malware Co-Creator Gets Five Years of Probation

An Arizona man who co-created software distributed by an organization called Blackshades that was used to hack into a million computers worldwide was sentenced on Friday to five years of probation.

Michael Hogue, who online was known by the moniker “xVisceral,” was sentenced by US District Judge Kevin Castel in Manhattan after pleading guilty in 2013 to distributing malware and conspiring to commit computer hacking.

He was also ordered to forfeit $40,000 (roughly Rs. 26 lakhs) and perform 500 hours of community service. The sentence is conditional on Hogue’s continued cooperation with prosecutors in related matters.

Hogue, 25, first came to the attention of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2010, when, in an effort to advertise the malware, he contacted an undercover agent running a website established as part of a sting operation targeting the illegal trade in credit card numbers, court papers said.

In 2012, Hogue was arrested in an international takedown stemming from the sting. He subsequently agreed to cooperate with authorities in their investigation of Blackshades.

That investigation culminated in May 2014 with a sweep by US and European authorities that resulted in about 100 people being arrested, including Alex Yucel, a Swedish citizen who ran Blackshades.

Prosecutors said Blackshades’ flagship product was the “Blackshades Remote Access Tool,” which gave hackers remote control of other people’s computers and allowed them to record keystrokes, steal passwords and gain access to personal files.

The software, which Hogue co-created with Yucel, could be bought for $40 and was used to take over computers’ cameras to spy on their owners or to freeze people’s computers in exchange for a ransom, prosecutors said.

Blackshades had more than 6,000 customer accounts in more than 100 countries and generated at least $350,000 in revenue by selling the software from September 2010 to April 2014, prosecutors said.

Castel had harsh words for Hogue as he handed down the sentence Friday, saying he committed a crime of “historic proportions” that spread misery to people around the world.

“But when he was confronted he did something right,” the judge said, “He did what he could to make amends.”

Hogue said before being sentenced: “I feel awful for everything I have done.”

Yucel, 25, pleaded guilty in 2015 to distributing malicious software, and he was sentenced in June to 4-3/4 years in prison.

The case is U.S. v. Hogue, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 13-cr-00012.

Facebook to Kill Its Parse Mobile Development Service

Facebook to Kill Its Parse Mobile Development Service

In what comes as a surprise, Facebook has announced that it is shutting down Parse, its mobile backend as a service (MBaaS). The social networking juggernaut said that it will discontinue the service completely on January 28, 2017. It has made available guides and tools to help users with the transition.

Facebook announced this week that it is discontinuing Parse, a startup it acquired in 2013. Parse is a suite of paid tools and services for developing mobile apps. The startup before its acquisition by Facebook helped mobile developers handle push notifications, manage identity log-ins, and run custom code. It made a lot of sense for Facebook to have Parse because it was its biggest bet to get mobile developers to serious about its service.

The demise of Parse comes as a surprise as over the years, Facebook actually showed a lot of interest in it – pushing new features and improvements to enhance the developing experience. The company added an analytics dashboard measuring custom-designated events, and a library of low-level code for speeding up the design and development of mobile apps among others. Facebook reportedly acquired the service for $85 million (roughly Rs. 5,770 crores).

Parse has released a database migration tool that you can use to transition with any MongoDB database. The service says that the Parse API movie will work with any of your new databases. Facebook is also releasing the open source Parse Server, which will let you run most of the Parse API from your own Node.js server. The company has also made available a guide, should you need any assistance with the transition.

“We’re proud that we’ve been able to help so many of you build great mobile apps, but we need to focus our resources elsewhere,” Facebook Parse chief technology officer Kevin Lacker wrote in a blog post.

So why is Facebook then killing the service? Re/Code reports that it is because Facebook doesn’t see a future in it – and hence is unwilling to spend resources to compete with the offerings by giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Google Brings Real-Time Commenting to Docs, Sheets, Slides for Mobile

Google Brings Real-Time Commenting to Docs, Sheets, Slides for Mobile

If you love collaborating with your friends and colleagues on the Google Drive apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides), you will like the new changes the company has made across its mobile office suite. Among other changes, the real-time commenting feature is now available on Android and iOS apps.

Google on Wednesday announced that Android and iOS users of its Google Drive productivity apps will now be able to add comments and follow-up things in real-time in Docs, Sheets, and Slides as well.

In addition, Google noted that it has made it easier to quickly add a teammate with whom you want to share the document, or invite for real-time collaboration. “You can now also quickly add a teammate to the conversation just by starting to type their name in a comment.”

Google is also making it easier for someone to just add a comment from the Web version of its productivity suite. Users will now see a comment bubble appear when they hover the mouse to the right side of the screen. Interestingly enough, the aforementioned features are also live for Google Apps users.

Microsoft’s Office is the most widely used productivity suite on the planet. However, the suite’s Web counterpart isn’t as nearly as popular. For users who rely on cloud services – especially Chromebook users – many of them prefer Google Drive as their productivity suite.

However, Microsoft has grown more focused in making Office Online (Office 365) more feature-rich and exciting for users. And so has Google. The Mountain View-based company recently updated the mobile and Web clients of Drive to improve search feature. But if Google wants to be relevant in this space, it will have to continually and aggressively introduce new features.

WhatsApp Could Soon Get Facebook Integration; End-to-End Encryption Indicator

WhatsApp Could Soon Get Facebook Integration; End-to-End Encryption Indicator

WhatsApp could soon introduce a feature to allow its users to integrate their Facebook account with the instant messaging and voice calling app. While exactly how this will benefit users remains to be seen, the description reveals that the integration will “improve Facebook experiences.”

The version 2.12.413 of WhatsApp for Android reveals company’s intention to allow users to link the messaging service with their respective Facebook account, as spotted by Android developer Javier Santos.

The feature, as seen in the screenshot, appears on the Account settings of the app, and asks users whether they want to share their WhatsApp account information with Facebook. From the leaked images, it appears to be an optional choice.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in a multi-billion deal in 2014. Ever since the acquisition, the social juggernaut has been expected to introduce features to make WhatsApp and Facebook’s marquee services Facebook and Messenger work more efficiently, leveraging on each other’s features. But any such integration hasn’t been seen yet.

Interestingly, the same version of the app also has a “hidden” security settings page that provides users with the option to enable an additional indicator that would inform them whether their chats and calls are encrypted. Enabling the feature, however, requires a person to have a rooted Android smartphone or tablet and run a bunch of command.

To recall, in 2014, WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems, a nonprofit software group that develops collaborative open source projects to scramble messages with a cryptographic key to bolster privacy. In the same year, Open Whisper Systems noted that the end-to-end encryption had been implemented on WhatsApp’s Android client. In the studies conducted since, it has been found that the feature hasn’t been implemented correctly, with the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation giving WhatsApp a score of two out of seven when tested for privacy sophistication.

The inclusion of an additional indicator, if it is something that is indeed on the cards, could improve WhatsApp’s image with privacy activists and enthusiasts who largely use services such as Telegram andSecure, though these people might not like the idea of sharing their information with Facebook. We’ve reached out to WhatsApp for comments and clarification, and will update the post when we hear back from them.

BitTorrent Sync Update Brings Encrypted Folders and More

BitTorrent Sync Update Brings Encrypted Folders and More

BitTorrent has released an update for its file synchronisation app called BitTorrent Sync to bump the version up to 2.3 and add a number of features for its users. One of the major additions is the ability to add encryption to a folder.

BitTorrent Sync allows users to move files from one device to another over local network or the Internet. Among other features in Sync 2.3 is Encrypted Folder. It gives users the three keys when encrypting a folder. The Read-Write key allows a peer to access and modify the content, whereas the Read-Only key allows a peer to access and decrypt the file. The Encryption key allows a user to provide an offsite snapshot of his data to a peer without giving it direct access to the file. Here’s how the company has described it:

“Read-Write key. The Read-Write key allows peer to talk with Read-Write, Read-Only and Encrypted peers and modify files in the folder. Read-Write keys start with D.

Read-Only key. The Read-Only key allows peer to talk with Read-Write, Read-Only, and Encrypted peers and to receive file updates to a folder and decrypt it. Read-Only keys that support encrypted folders start with E.

Encrypted key. The Encrypted key allows peer talk with Read-Write, Read-Only, and Encrypted peers and to receive updates to folder without the ability to decrypt or modify it. Encrypted keys start with F.”

Other features include the ability to run the app as a service (as opposed to a program) on Windows. The option allows the app to run even when the device is not logged in. The Android app now also allows users to move data to and from a microSD card on Android devices.

Trello Announces Power-Ups Platform With Support for Zendesk, Giphy, and More

Trello Announces Power-Ups Platform With Support for Zendesk, Giphy, and More

Trello, a popular Web-based project management application, has just gotten more powerful. The company has announced Power-Ups Platform, a feature that enables the service to fetch information from outside sources. Some of the services that it currently supports include Zendesk, SurveyMonkey, and Giphy.

Trello announced on Monday the Power-Ups Platform. The feature gleans information and data from third-party services and directly adds them to Trello. The company has been working on this feature for quite sometime, having announced similar integrations with some services including Slack, GitHub andGoogle Drive for business users.

“Now, anyone can easily integrate with Trello or create their own custom features, either as public Power-Ups – available to the entire Business Class community – or as custom private Power-Ups for their own Business Class team,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The new services to be added to Trello includes Zendesk, which now attaches tickets and views to cards directly in Trello. Other services include SurveyMonkey,, Harvest, Corrello, Elegantt, FogBugz, Giphy, Publicate.

Furthermore, Trello says that it has opened the Power-Ups Platform to developers that are looking to build their own Power-Ups. The company has made available documentations, and code examples on its developer portal.

On the sidelines, the company also announced that its user base has surpassed the 12-million count. This means that Trello saw 2 million new users join the service since October. The service is available across multi-platforms including OS X, Android, and iOS. It also supports most Web browsers includingChrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. The company offers its basic service for free to users.