How Can Cloud Based Email Archiving Benefit You?

If you have a commercial business and you want to survive and thrive in the competitive world by using electronic communication, then you need email archive solutions in place that manages your emails and offers you security. Each year, we send and receive more and more emails and if you don’t have a good archiving solutions in place, you will be at risk of malware attacks, security breaches, data loss, and other legal issues.

In order to manage this properly, all your incoming and outgoing emails will be properly archived. This has to be in full compliance with the revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedures in the United States. The best way to do this, and to be fully compliant, is through cloud archiving solutions. This means all data is stored, but that it is stored off-site as well, meaning your intellectual property is always protected, even if your entire computer system would catch fire.

Why You Should Choose Cloud Solutions

  1. It ensures you are compliant with e-discovery requests. You may face a legal suit if you do not comply with security norms and message passages. If a legal dispute is in place, whether you are at fault or not, your email archiving solution will make sure that you can have the issue resolved. The fact that it is so efficient in this is one of the key benefits of these programs, and why all businesses should have them in place. If you are HIPPA, SEC, or GLBA regulated, you have to have an archiving solution.
  2. Your emails cannot be tampered with. Should you face litigation, you will have to send all your emails to an external party, and they will determine whether the documents are original and have not been modified. Having archiving solutions in place makes that possible and ensures you are fully SEC compliant at the same time.
  3. You will have unlimited storage when you go on the cloud. If you use an on-site option, you will be limited by how many emails can be held. With the exponential growth of big data, not storing on the cloud is a waste of time since you will soon outgrow what you have available.
  4. You can instantly recover from a disaster. Should something go wrong that means your computers and network is lost, such as a fire, flood, natural disaster, or other such problem, all your information will still be available. You can simply access your storage from a new location, be that in the same building or half way across the world, and get all your information back in an instant.
  5. It allows you to quickly and easily monitor any messages that come into your business. You can make sure that your employees are compliant with your internal policies and with government regulations instantly.

An added benefit is that these storage solutions may also be able to protect you from spam attacks, which further protects your organization as a whole.

Facebook Lite Gets Speed, Reliability Improvements; Now Has Over 200 Million Users

Facebook has announced that over 200 million people are now using the stripped-down version of its main app – Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite, launched back in June 2015 for low-end Android devices, was introduced by the social media networking giant specifically for emerging markets as a solution for connections that are usually weak and spotty.

Facebook Lite Gets Speed, Reliability Improvements; Now Has Over 200 Million Users

“In many areas, networks can be slow and unable to support all the functions available on Facebook. FB Lite gives people access to core Facebook experiences like News Feed more quickly and while consuming less data,” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said in a blog post on Wednesday. Sandberg pointed out that Facebook Lite is especially helping out those business users who are in countries that are mobile first or mobile only.

“FB Lite is helping business owners grow and reach customers on mobile even when bandwidth is at a minimum,” Sandberg said.

Notably, the latest update to the app brings along improvements for reliability and speed to the app. The update also brings the app to more regions like Israel, Italy, United Arab Emirates, and South Korea, notes TechCrunch. Interestingly, the app has been rolled out even to developed markets in order to cater the needs of those with net connection issues.

To recall, Facebook Lite clocked 100 million monthly active users in March last year, less than nine months since its launch, which made it the fastest-growing interface from the company to hit the milestone.

Is This What Elon Musk’s Mysterious Digging Tweets Are About?

After tunneling in his own backyard, Musk plans to continue to drill through the earth beneath public city roads, said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the details have not been made public. The person added the drilling is just a hobby; Musk is not planning to start a new tunneling company.

Is This What Elon Musk's Mysterious Digging Tweets Are About?

The idea was first hatched by Musk in December, who tweeted, “Traffic is driving me nuts” and “am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging.” He said it would start beneath his desk at SpaceX.

The tweet gave rise to a flurry of speculation, which was further fueled on Wednesday, when Musk tweeted again that he had made “exciting progress.” Then, late Friday night, on the eve of a large student competition being held at SpaceX, Musk tweeted “we start start digging the tunnel tonight.”

It was unclear whether Musk had applied for legal permits to begin his digging. Apparently digging, even on one’s own property, is not always allowed. Drilling underneath public property requires a variety of permits, which are issued locally in California.

The City of Hawthorne could not be reached for comment.

The engineering competition was for the best design for a pod to go through a hyperloop, a vacuum tube that can propel vehicles at very high speeds. Musk proposed the idea of building a hyperloop two years ago, in a white paper that inspired entrepreneurs to build hyperloop companies and engineering students around the world to compete to build one.

Twitter Adds ‘Direct Reply Count’; Will Reorder Replies Based on ‘Importance’

Twitter Adds 'Direct Reply Count'; Will Reorder Replies Based on 'Importance'Twitter has announced that the social networking company will now organise the replies to a tweet in such a way that users will get to see the “best content” first, bringing its mobile apps in line with the desktop. The company added that people may see replies in different order based of various factors.The ranking of the replies within conversations depends on the factors like whether you follow the person who has replied within a conversation and whether the reply is coming from the person who initiated the conversation.

“You may notice that some replies in a conversation are not shown in chronological order. Replies are grouped by sub-conversations because we strive to show you the best content first, and what we think you’d be most interested in,” Twitter said in its post.

Twitter is adding another feature as well. Just like users are already able to see likes and retweets for any particular tweet, with the help of the reply count, they will be able to see how many people have taken part in a particular conversation. Users will be able to see the reply count next to the reply icon, indicating the total number of replies the original tweet has received. Twitter has clarified that this number does not indicate the total number of replies in the entire conversation.
The new features will be available in Twitter apps for both Android and iOS.
Recently, the Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, the company’s CEO and co-founder, was briefly suspended due to an “an internal mistake,” as per Dorsey.

Instagram Adds ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Mentions’ to Stories; Confirms It’s Working on Live Video

Instagram Adds 'Boomerang' and 'Mentions' to Stories; Confirms It's Working on Live VideoIn August, Instagram introduced a new feature called ‘Stories’ that allows users to string together multiple shots or video clips into a single video that can then be shared with friends. This feature was widely compared with rival app Snapchat’s Story feature. In order to expand the reach of its feature, the company brought ‘Stories’ to the ‘Explore’ tab in October. Instagram has now added two new features to provide further functionality to its Instagram Stories.

The new update to the Instagram app, available on both App Store and Google Play, brings features ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Mentions’ to the app that are primarily meant for Stories. The Boomerang feature allows users to create a short video clip that, as the name of the feature suggests, plays forward and backward. This feature can be accessed from the bottom of the screen after opening the stories camera.

The ‘Mentions’ feature allows users to tag people inside their stories. “Type ‘@’ followed by a username, just like in captions and comments. When someone taps the mention in your story, it will take them to that person’s profile,” the company said in the release notes.

Further, the company’s CEO Kevin Systrom has confirmed to the Financial Times that it is working on bringing Live Video feature to the app. “Live is really exciting for us. I think it can enhance what we’re doing. If I’m trying to strengthen relationships with someone I love, them streaming video to me live would be an amazing way to be closer to them,” Systrom was quoted as saying.

Last month, reports suggested that Instagram was testing its live video feature, dubbed as ‘Go Insta’, in its ‘Stories’ section for some users on the beta Android app in Russia.

WhatsApp Two-Step Verification, HTC Bolt, Rs. 500, 1000 Ban Fallout, and More: Your 360 Daily

WhatsApp Two-Step Verification, HTC Bolt, Rs. 500, 1000 Ban Fallout, and More: Your 360 DailyFriday saw the launch of HTC Bolt, a 2016 smartphone with a 2015 processor; WhatsApp adding two-step verification to its beta apps; record Single’s Day sales in China; and a whole lot more. Here’s your 360 Daily with the top tech stories of the day.

WhatsApp beta version gets two-step verification
The beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and Windows 10 Mobile now have two-step verification, an important security tool to authenticate user identity. Users who choose to activate two-step verification on WhatsApp will have to provide a 6-digit passcode to authenticate their phone number if they switch phones. An email address, provided at the time of setting up two-step verification, will be used to disable this security feature, if needed.

HTC Bolt With Android 7.0 Nougat, no headphone jack launched
HTC has launched the Bolt smartphone, running Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box but lacking the 3.5mm audio jack. The new HTC Bolt is exclusive to Sprint in the US for now, and it comes with a 5.5-inch screen (1440×2560 pixels), water- and dust-resistant metal body, Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, up to 2TB microSD card support, 16-megapixel rear camera, 8-megapixel front camera, and 3200mAh battery with fast-charging.

PM Narendra Modi lost 3 lakh Twitter followers the day after Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 ban
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s follower-count on Twitter saw a dip of more than 3 lakh the day after he announced the demonetisation of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 currency notes. However, his net increase in Twitter followers the next day was 4.3 lakh, much higher than the 20,000-25,000 he gains on an average day.

Alibaba rakes in $1 billion in first 5 minutes of Single’s Day in China
Alibaba sold goods worth $1 billion in the first five minutes and $5 billion in the first hour of its annual Single’s Day online shopping extravaganza. The company offers heavy discounts on products via its Tmall and Taobao websites, and according to some estimates it clocked sales worth over $15 billion by 8pm. Alibaba said 84 percent of the total sales in the first two hours were from mobile devices.

Videocon d2h to merge with Dish TV
Videocon Group and Essel Group are merging their DTH divisions – Videocon d2h and Dish TV, respectively – to create a single entity called Dish TV Videocon, which will be positioned as the leading operator in India. Essel Group will have 55.4 percent ownership of the entity, while Videocon will own a 44.6 percent stake.

Cash on Delivery back on track on Amazon India
Two days after suspending Cash on Delivery on its platform, Amazon India has brought back the option, much to the delight of customers. The step was taken after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes. The company is also letting customers pay via credit and debit cards at the time of delivery.

OnePlus 3 to get Android 7.0 Nougat beta build in November
OnePlus will reportedly release the Android 7.0 Nougat ‘community’ build, a beta version of the software, for the OnePlus 3 smartphone in November. The company plans to roll out the final version of the new build as a public release by the end of the year. OnePlus’s software chief Brian Yoon has also said that OnePlus 2 will also get the software, but did not mention a timeline.

Google Chrome installs cross 2 billion
The Chrome browser has become the first Google product to have 2 billion installs worldwide. The app is available both for desktops and mobile devices. However, being installed on 2 billion devices does not mean that it is actively used by as many users on a regular basis.

Reliance Communications launches its first Android-based 4G LTE HomePhone
Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Communications has launched the Android 5.1 Lollipop-powered 4G LTE HomePhone, which comes with an in-built SIM and supports 4G and VoLTE. It has a 3.5-inch display and allows up to eight Wi-Fi devices to connect via hotspot to use its Internet connection.

BlackBerry to launch one last smartphone with physical keyboard
BlackBerry CEO John Chen has confirmed that the company will launch one last smartphone featuring the physical keyboard, which once made it an iconic brand. However, he did not furnish any details on the device, including other key hardware features, software, pricing, or launch timeline.

Twitter to Discontinue Vine Video Sharing App

Twitter to Discontinue Vine Video Sharing AppTwitter announced Thursday that it would discontinue the video-sharing mobile app Vine, as it moves to cut 9 percent of its workforce worldwide to keep costs down after beating Wall Street quarterly earnings expectations.

The decision comes on the heels of a failed attempt to sell Twitter as it fights against stagnant user growth and mounting competition from other social media platforms.

In a post published jointly by Twitter and Vine to the blog platform Medium, the social media services said that the Vine website would stay live even after the mobile app is discontinued, giving users the chance to download and save any videos.

A Twitter spokeswoman told Reuters the app will shutter in coming months but did not specify a date.

Twitter introduced Vine in January 2013 as a way for users to share small snippets of video that were six seconds or less. The service was popular with members of the microblogging site and spawned several so-called “Vine stars,” attracting millions of followers.
Social media users reeled over the news and Vine quickly became the top-trending topic on Twitter in the US with over 1.64 million tweets.
“RIP VINE #GoneTooSoon,” tweeted Patricia Laire (@patricialaire).

“VINE IS A QUARTER OF MY LIFE I’M SO UPSET,” wrote Twitter user moon (@hrtbreaker_mp3).

Others, however, saw the news as inevitable.

“We all knew Vine was not forever,” tweeted Tyzano (@Tyzano). “It just could not compete with other platforms.

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EU Privacy Watchdogs Warn WhatsApp on Privacy Policy, Yahoo on Breach

EU Privacy Watchdogs Warn WhatsApp on Privacy Policy, Yahoo on BreachEuropean privacy watchdogs said on Friday they had sent letters to WhatsApp over its sharing of information with parent company Facebook and Yahoo over a 2014 data breach and its scanning of customer emails for US intelligence purposes.

European Union data protection authorities said they had serious concerns about WhatsApp’s recent change in privacy policy in which it would share users’ phone numbers with Facebook, its first change in policy since Facebook bought the messaging service.

The authorities, known as the Article 29 Working Party, “requested WhatsApp to communicate all relevant information to the Working Party as soon as possible and urged the company to pause the sharing of users’ data until the appropriate legal protections could be assured.”

A spokeswoman for WhatsApp said the company was working with data protection authorities to address their questions.
“We’ve had constructive conversations, including before our update, and we remain committed to respecting applicable law,” she said.

The watchdogs also wrote to Yahoo over a massive data breach that exposed the email credentials of 500 million users, as well as its scanning of customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by US intelligence officials.
They asked the company to communicate all aspects of the data breach to the EU authorities, to notify the affected users of the “adverse effects” and to cooperate with all “upcoming national data protection authorities’ enquiries and/or investigations.

“Yahoo was invited to provide information on the legal basis and the compatibility with EU law of any such activity,” the watchdogs said in a statement regarding the email scanning.

The Yahoo and WhatsApp cases will be discussed by regulators in November.

Google Allo Gets Netflix’s Stranger Things Sticker Pack for Halloween

Google Allo Gets Netflix's Stranger Things Sticker Pack for HalloweenIf you are not living on a secluded island in middle of nowhere, you might have heard about the Netflix show named ‘Stranger Things’ in last few months. The thriller TV series set in 80s with supernatural elements has captured the imagination of audiences around the world since its release in July. The theme for this year’s Halloween is likely to be influenced heavily by the show and in order to make use of the show’s success, many companies are expected to associate themselves with Stranger Things.

The first in line seems to be Google, as the search giant has now announced its partnership with Netflix to bring stickers from the show to its Allo app for Halloween. The stickers, 24 in total, include the show’s cast and some famous catchphrases that are likely to add some interesting flavour to your conversations. Next time your friend makes a mistake, instead of calling them stupid yourself, you can just let Eleven call them a “mouth-breather” for you.

(Also See: Stranger Things – E.T. Meets Poltergeist)

For all the Barb fans out there, unlike her friends in first season, Allo has not forgotten her as there is a dedicated sticker for the character in the pack. Then there are other stickers for Demogorgon, the famous kids squad, and everybody’s favourite Dustin. The stickers mostly include some references from the show and will likely cause many giggles this Halloween.

The Stranger Things sticker pack is available for both Android and iOS, a special that’s been timed around Halloween. In order to get the pack, users need to head to the sticker section inside any conversation and select the add option. Then they can select the Stranger Things pack from the ‘Browse All’ tab. Now, you can go ahead and try to add that much-needed spooky flavour to your conversations with the help of these stickers from Stranger Things.

In the meanwhile, 9to5Google tore down the recently released Allo 2.0 app, which brought splitscreen multitasking, app shortcuts, gif keyboard, and quick replies to the app. The teardown revealed that the company would soon introduce a theme picker. Users would be asked to choose a theme every time a user starts a new conversation, and the theme can be changed at any point as well. Themes spotted so far include Moon, Sorbet, and Clouds. Currently, users can access a single Theme called ‘Monochrome’, via General Settings.

Twitter Reportedly Considering Sale of Vine Instead of Discontinuation

Twitter Reportedly Considering Sale of Vine Instead of DiscontinuationLast month, Twitter announced that it is discontinuing its video-sharing mobile Vine app as the social media giant looked to cut costs by letting go of workforce and vegetating verticals. However, fresh reports claims that Twitter may just change its decision, and sell the app to someone else instead.

TechCrunch reports that there have been many bids from companies like Line (Japanese messaging platform), and Twitter is now considering offers to sell off the app instead of killing it. The company is currently in process of narrowing down the bids, and the report states that Twitter is now seriously considering five companies.

Citing anonymous sources, the report states that the bids are not that high, and some of the companies have even quoted below $10 million. However, it’s still a better option for Twitter than discontinuing it altogether. A shift in management would bring back hope of revival of the now-stagnant app. Even PornHub was reported to have made a bid to Twitter.
Twitter, in October, said that while it was discontinuing the app and would not support it, it would still keep the app live for users to save their media, and the website alive for people to continue to consume already published Vines. The social media company’s growth rate has been slowing down significantly, and the company also confirmed that it was cutting down 9 percent of its global workforce, after no respite in financial numbers in the third quarter. The social network has been struggling to sign up new users amid competition from nimbler rivals such as Instagram and Snapchat.