The best Houseplants to Spruce up Your Home

Do you love spending time with nature? If greenery and blooming plant-life rejuvenate you, how about houseplants? Having a plant or two could be the missing piece in your décor. The plant... Read more »

Study reveals famous California redwood is 777 years young

A new study to determine the age of iconic old-growth redwoods in California’s Muir Woods has revealed that one of the tallest and most famous trees in the forest is much younger... Read more »

Evolutionary leap from fins to legs was surprisingly simple

New research reveals that the limbs of the earliest four-legged vertebrates, dating back more than 360 million years ago, were no more structurally diverse than the fins of their aquatic ancestors. The... Read more »

Spiders also like an occasional vegetarian meal

Spiders are known to be the classic example of insectivorous predators. Zoologists from the University of Basel, the US and UK have now been able to show that their diet is more... Read more »

Dodging Wind Farms and Bullets in the Arctic

TROMS COUNTY, NORWAYA lone reindeer emerges from the forest, prompting the Sami herders to bring their snowmobiles to a stop in the middle of a clearing. All three are bundled in sheepskin hats and... Read more »

Like ‘Deadpool,’ This Jellyfish Has Amazing Superpowers

A hole rips through his body, but seals up and heals completely. An appendage is sliced off; the tissues grow back perfectly. He is capable of extreme regeneration, perhaps even immortality. Those... Read more »

British ministers tried to block EU moves to clean up air quality

The British government sought to block new EU legislation that would force member states to carry out surprise checks on the emissions of cars, raising fresh questions over ministers’ attitude to air... Read more »

Why are Britain’s green movements an all-white affair?

If you were to trust what you see in the UK media you would think that climate change is a white issue that speaks to and is populated by one demographic alone.... Read more »

World’s smallest snail discovered in China

Snails small enough to fit almost 10 times into the eye of a needle have been discovered in Guangxi province, Southern China. With their shells measuring 0.86mm in height, the researchers believe... Read more »

Brazil pledges to cut carbon emissions 37% by 2025

Brazil on Sunday became the first major developing country to pledge an absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for an envisioned global pact against climate change. The world’s seventh biggest greenhouse gas... Read more »