evolution of IT systems, many new technologies

With the evolution of IT systems, many new technologies and concepts have become a norm. Some of them include cloud, analytics, big data, apps, Hadoop and many more! In the early 2000s, the Information Technology driven companies started realizing that this heap of data that they have generated and saved over time must have some potential in terms of insight. And that was the trigger for making this big data work using data science tools and techniques.

One of the common data science use case is that organizations today understand what is big data and Hadoop and are investing heavily in gaining competitive advantage. By using their customer data base, they set up teams of data scientists who give them patterns in customer concerns. This help forms to ideate and create better products/services for their customers.

So, what is Data Science?

Data Science is the science of organising data in a way that it helps organisations draw patterns from it and extract useful information. Now one may wonder, how does an organisation go about doing this complex activity? Well the answer lies in tools and techniques that help cleaning and preparing data in way that patterns emerge.

With data science organisations attempt to uncover information that lies hidden in their data bases as structured or unstructured data and even semi-structured data. One may wonder how do these organizations end up collecting so much data, well a simple example would be Facebook. Remember all likes you gave to some Facebook pages? Now imagine this sea of likes being given every day to respective pages. Finally, the likes are saved in some location on the servers and these tables are getting refreshed within minutes/seconds. This data is not only huge in volume but is increasing in its production with time and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping at that.

And what is data analytics then?

Data Analytics involves programming that can help create reports and analytics to help organisations with decision making. It is a tool for making factual decisions supported by the data that the organisation has collected.

So, is there any course where one can learn data science skills?

Acadgild offers certification and courses to learn data science online. You can learn more about data analytics courses online and data science specialization on the website. Big data courses online with Acadgild can prepare you with the skills and knowledge to get the best roles in the industry in data science teams.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, fresher or someone seeking to skill themselves in new technologies, this google android course should help you gain insight into the real world use cases of data analytics. Additionally, with big data knowledge you can try a new career and transition into a more challenging role and who knows even more interesting roles and use cases.

What’s more exciting is that all industries are already showing interest in data science, so the potential is huge. Organizations are eager to learn from their data and prepare solutions that will help them gain competitive edge in their industry. And you could be their next big idea with the knowledge of big data and android apps.



Studying Physics Concepts – 5 Techniques To Improve your Memory

Physics is a subject that comprises of complex mathematical problems. Some individuals require a lot of hard work to score good grades in physics but for some, it comes naturally with less effort. Anyone can master physics materials through a clear understanding of basic concepts and hard work. Beneath are some of the tips that aid you to gain a better understanding of physics concepts and to score good marks in the exam.

Understanding the Basic Concepts

Physics comprehends of numerous central theories from which every other concept is evolved. From this, it is evident that the problems that arrive in the examination are either based on these or a slight difference of these.

Develop your Math Skills

Physics is incorporated with numerous mathematical elements. For instance, consider Enthalpy. One can solve problems based on this concept if you have a clear understanding of the concept and adept at formulas.

Prepare a strategy that is focused on the vital information in every problem. While reading a question, try to figure out the pieces of information that are given and then regulate what you are trying to solve for. Write down the equation pertaining to a problem and assign variables with each piece of information in the question.

Doing Best in Physics Class

One of the best practices is to study the concepts beforehand. Always try reading the physics concepts from your textbook the day before that topic is covered in the class. Suppose the concept is Faraday’s Law and when the instructor explains the concept in the class, you can clarify doubts regarding the concept that had occurred during your pre-reading which you did not understand well.

To brilliance your physics knowledge and to finish the task of studying, take a few minutes to go through your notes as soon as you have a chance at home. This regular practice helps you to retain the knowledge that you have gained in that particular class.

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What is project management?

Without a project manager, many businesses would fail to survive. For business owners, a trustworthy, reliable project manager is absolutely essential. While this is a job role that has been around for many years, there are a lot of people who are probably not even sure what roles a project manager actually undertakes, or even what project management is. With this in mind, here are a few of the different roles of a project manager, and some of the phases of project management.

Take care of the planning stage

As a project manager, it is your responsibility to undertake the planning stages of any project. Once the project initiation stage is complete, it is your duty to take care of compiling a list of thorough plans, which will be handed out to your team, in order to allow them to execute the project successfully. Without proper planning, any project is doomed to fail.

Take care of the execution stage

The execution stage is the rolling out of the project. All of your team have their plans and tasks to carry out, and it is up to you to make sure that the project outcome is as planned. For project management to be successful, it is important that the expected results are delivered.

Take care of the project performance

While the execution of the project is being carried out, it is your responsibility to make sure that there are no stumbling blocks. You may find that you will have to tweak a few things from your plan in order to make sure that the project is running smoothly. The important thing is not to get caught up in the stress of having to make changes. Simply implement any adjustments that you think will allow your team to execute the project in the best way possible.

Take care of the closure of the project

Once the entire project has been completed and the desired results have been achieved, it is up to you to close the project. However, once it has been closed, the results have been delivered, and the customer is happy, it is important that you carry out the evaluation stage. The reason that this is important is that it allows you to identify any strengths or weaknesses that you have noted regarding you and your team so that you and your team can learn from them for future projects. Learning is the best way to maximize results in the future. By writing evaluation reports, you will quickly be able to make improvements around the way that you and your team work so that you can always make sure that your team is the best that they can possibly be.

As you can see, the role of a project manager is actually a fairly complex one, and there is a lot of responsibility on one person. However, without a project manager, a business is going to find it very difficult to keep up. If you have been thinking about becoming a project manager, then you may be wondering what options are available to you. Here are a few suggestions.

Online education

Courses such as those that offer a master’s in project management online can be great for those who don’t have much spare time. These courses allow you to study at your own pace and in your own time. By getting your master’s in project management online, you are able to kick-start your career as a project manager while still being employed. However, there also are other options available.

University education

If you have the time, then you could enroll at a university to gain your master’s in project management. This is the more traditional route, but it can take up more of your time. However, there are some great programs available. Whichever route you choose to go down, remember to take your time and not rush into any decisions. Carefully weigh up the pros and cons of each option and see which one works best for you personally.

In order to choose the best option, it is important to consider your personal circumstances. Both online and university education are good options if you would like to pursue a career as a project manager. The great news is that there are always plenty of job opportunities for people who wish to become a project manager. Businesses are always growing and evolving, but they simply wouldn’t be able to do so without the help of highly skilled project managers.

How to make optimal use of sample papers

After the end of every competitive examination such as NEET, the education market is flooded with NEET mock test papers that are curated keeping in mind the trends of that year’s question paper. This exercise is important so that students get familiar with the difficulty level of the questions and exam patterns. To ensure that only the brightest minds compete the coveted NEET entrance test, CBSE revises the question pattern every year. Therefore, if you want to improve your preparation strategy, here is how to make the optimal use of sample papers-

Get Insight about the Mark Distribution

Besides hard work and uncompromised dedication, the key to being successful in NEET is to study smart. NEET mock test papers offer insight into mark allocation, both regarding question and chapter wise. It is essential that you know in advance the blueprint of the mark distribution. You will from which chapters maximum questions are asked and accordingly you can develop a study plan.

Get an Understanding on Where You Lack

Sample question papers are essentially for practice. The more sample questions you solve, the more you will understand the weak and strong areas of your preparation. Once you are aware of it, you can devise your study pattern accordingly. For example, you can sign up for Aakash iTutor, a technologically advanced platform that fully supports the concept of self-paced learning.

Through the platform, you can buy the lectures of chapters and topics you are struggling with. Working on theweak area is acritical part of your preparation.

Use as a Motivation Tool

The more sample questions you solve, the better your speed and accuracy get.  Therefore, with time you will realize that your concept is becoming clearer and you will be made more confident about your preparation. Performing well in mock test paper is also important for motivation and staying on track. Having stated that, there could be times when you may not perform well at a mock test. However, don’t be disappointed and let these hurdles effect your determination to study.

As we had discussed in the previous point, mock test papers help you gauge your weak areas.  So, even if you do not score well in a given exam, take it in your stride. Work on your weak areas and to come out as a winner in the main examination.

Learn the art of Minimizing Silly Errors

There are two components of answering a question of a competitive examination. First is to get maximum right answers and second is reducesillyerrors. Avoidable calculation mistakes, misreading the question or getting confused about the answer are examples of common errors students make.

However, if you regularly take NEET mock test papers, overtime the number of silly errors will significantly reduce. Negative marking is a bitter reality that can impact your final score. To make sure that you do not fall victim to negative mark system, your need to learn the art of minimizing silly errors.

Qualifying NEET examination will open your door to a successful career. Doctors are well-respected members of our community. To become a doctor, you need to showcase exceptional aptitude and preference towards the medical profession. You need to work hard, understand your competition and exhibit dedication.

Sample papers can leverage your performance in a big way. They are developed by a team of educators, who understand the education industry at the same time can guide the students in the right direction. Therefore, when you are preparing for NEET, always make sure that you refer to mock question papers from the previous years. Practice makes a person perfect, and sample paper is your road to perfection.


NEET Cut off 2017

NEET Cut off 2017: The cut off score is the lowest possible marks a candidate must obtain in order to qualify NEET 2017. NEET 2017 cut off score is based on many factors such as number of seats, number of candidate’s applied for the exam, marking scheme and difficulty level of the test etc. Based on NEET cut off 2017, the exam conducting authority, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will declare the NEET 2017 result for candidates as qualified or non-qualified. Further, the top 15% scorers among the qualified candidates will be directly eligible to participate in NEET counselling process under 15% All India Quota seats. On the basis NEET 2017 Cut off, NEET rank range for participation in 15% All India Quota counselling will be declared separately. For example, in NEET 2016, the marks range for unreserved category under All India Quota seats was 685 to 468.

Image result for NEET Cut off 2017

CBSE will declare NEET 2017 cut off along with result in the month of June, 2017, tentatively.

NEET Cut off 2017

According to an official notification, in order to qualify for admissions in MBBS and BDS seats in government, private and deemed medical colleges/universities in India, a candidate belonging to unreserved category have to score a minimum of 50th percentile in NEET 2017, whereas, candidates belonging to Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribes/ Other Backward Classes, the minimum percentile to obtain is 40th. In respect of candidates with locomotory disability of lower limbs, the minimum mark is 45th percentile. The percentile will be determined on the basis of higher marks secured in All India common merit list in NEET 2017.

NEET 2017 Cut off marks:

[table id=516 /]

Candidates can check below for the procedure in case of tie occurs:

In case of two or more candidates obtaining equal marks in NEET 2017, the inter-se-merit of such candidates will be determined in order of preference as follows:

  • Candidate obtaining higher marks in Biology in NEET 2017
  • Candidate obtaining higher marks in Chemistry in NEET 2017
  • Candidate with less number of attempted wrong answers in all subjects of NEET 2017
  • Candidate older in age will be preferred

Merit list of counselling under 15% All India Quota seats:

The merit list of the eligible and successful candidates under 15% All India Quota seats will be prepared by the CBSE on the basis of score obtained in NEET 2017. The merit list will be equal to the number of seats available for allotment of MBBS/BDS courses under 15% All India Quota seats. There will also be a waiting list equal to 4 times of merit list. Further, the list of successful candidates will be forwarded to the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India for the purpose of allotment of  seats by online counselling.
NEET Cut off

Candidates can check the table below for NEET 2016 Cut off under All India Quota seats

NEET Cut off score under 15% All India Quota seats

[table id=517 /]

NEET Overall Cut off (Category-wise)

[table id=518 /]

Check out how to prepare to get into a medical college.

Also study here about AIIMS organizing an international symposium.


Why Doing An Online MBA Is The New Craze?

In this world raging with never-seen-before media and technological practices, taking a couple years off work to pursue higher education is passed. There are so many integrated online and distance courses that can help you—just as well as conventional courses—progress in a career path of your liking.

Of late online courses, particularly MBA distance education courses, are on the rise as almost every open university is offering a new and improved degree for students all over the country.

In this article we determine why courses like online MBA in finance and the like have gained so much traction over the last decade or so.

  1. Affordability Is The Key

If you’ve looked through the fee structures of moderate-level colleges and universities, you’ll know that the starting fee would be anywhere around Rs. 3 lakh and can go as high as Rs. 10 to 15 lakhs. On the other hand, an online MBA offers you pretty much the same level of education, albeit costing a marginal price of what the usual college courses do.

Shell out as little as Rs. 50,000 and you can get your degrees in trending specialisations like MBA in systems, or an mba is marketing through distance learning, which can help you elevate your career growth. This also means you wouldn’t have student loan debts hovering over you for the next decade.

  1. Flexibility At Your Behest

One of the key aspects that cements the popularity of online MBAs is that they are extremely flexible. In this career-driven world, all your time is engaged between completing projects and meeting deadlines, due to which career advancement might often take the sidelines.

It doesn’t have to be that way as online MBAs allow you to get your degree at a time that works best for you.

  1. A Perfect Blend

Students all over the world will unanimously claim that going to college every day is doing more harm than good when it comes to nurturing their creativity. But with the online option, things work a little differently as it replaces the usual classroom learning with video chats and conferences, thereby saving a considerable amount of time.

Also, in case you are facing difficulties, the universities offering online education conduct occasional classes to put an end to all your queries and doubts, apart from offering you a chance to interact with your faculty and peers.

Pegged as the future of education, online education in all its forms is a huge, evolutionary step towards progress. So, if you want to progress in your career significantly without taking any steps back, an online MBA is what you should be looking at.

Have faith in judiciary: AMU VC on minority status

Have faith in judiciary: AMU VC on minority status

Aligarh: As protests erupted over the Centre’s stand on the minority status of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), vice-chancellor Lt General (retd.) Zameeruddin Shah has called upon the Muslim community not to get unduly exercised on the issue and have “full faith” in judiciary.

In a written appeal on Saturday, Shah said that while all right minded citizens of the country were rightly concerned about the issue of restoration of minority character of the historic institution of higher learning, “we should have full faith in our judicial system for protecting minority rights”.

Shah’s appeal came in the wake of a number of protests by minority groups on the campus and also in the old city yesterday.

The issue of restoration of minority character of AMU is at present pending with the Supreme Court but what has triggered off the protests is the Centre’s recent decision to reverse the UPA government’s stand of supporting the university in the apex court on this issue.

On January 11, Attorney Journal Mukul Rohatagi, during the hearing of this case, had told the court that the NDA government did not support the idea of a state-funded minority institution in a secular state, sparking off a controversy.

The AMU vice-chancellor told PTI that it would be counter productive if people get carried away on this issue or resort to unconstitutional methods of protest.

“I have sought a meeting with the Prime Minister to apprise him of the situation and I am sure that he would respond positively and address our concerns,” he said.

IIT Madras invites candidates for MBA admissions 2016

IIT Madras invites candidates for MBA admissions 2016

New Delhi: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras has invited interested candidates for admissions to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2016.

The Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras takes note of the study programme.

The commencement of online application process started on January 9, 2016 which will continue till January 29, 2016.

The institute will announce the short-listed candidates for Group Task and Personal Interview on February 05, 2016.

The earliest date of final results is May 02, 2016.

The classes will begin from July 11, 2016.

Graduates in any discipline from a recognised University (or professional qualifications equivalent to that of a university degree as recognized by the UGC) with a first class or 60% and above in their qualifying examination.

Final year students (of the above-mentioned program) are also eligible to apply. Such candidates, if selected, will be admitted provisionally, on the condition that they meet all requirements for the qualifying degree before the start of the program and produce provisional certificate of completion within two months of joining the program (by September 30, 2016)

All applicants should have a valid CAT Score.

Application should be submitted online. Only those who are invited to the next stage of the selection (the Group Task and Personal Interview process), email will be sent to the referees requesting online submission of the recommendations.

The application fee is Rs 1600 /- General and OBC applicants

A reduced fee of Rs 800 /- is applicable for SC/ ST/ PD applicants

The application fees have to be paid only through Internet Banking/ Credit Card/ Debit Card.

Jamia Milia Islamia not a minority institution: AG

Jamia Milia Islamia not a minority institution: AG

New Delhi: The Attorney General has told the government that Delhi-based Jamia Milia Islamia is not a minority institution as it was created by an Act of Parliament, days after he told the Supreme Court that the legislature never intended the Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) to be a minority institution.

In his opinion to the HRD Ministry, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi is understood to have also quoted a 1967 Supreme Court judgment which had said that AMU is technically not a minority institution and the same principle applied to Jamia Milia Islamia.

The HRD Ministry had approached the Law Ministry seeking an opinion on the issue.

The Law Ministry had then asked the AG for his legal opinion.

The National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions had declared Jamia as a religious minority institution some years ago.

Based on the order, Jamia had discontinued reservation for SC/ST and OBC students and set aside half its seats in each course for Muslim candidates. Sources in the Law Ministry quoted Section 7 of the Jamia Milia Islamia Act of 1988 which states that “The University shall be open to persons of either sex and of whatever race, creed, caste or class, and it shall not be lawful for the University to adopt or impose on any person any test whatsoever of religious belief or profession in order to entitle him to be admitted therein as a teacher or student…” Rohatgi had told the apex court earlier this week that in the opinion of the government, AMU is not a minority institution.

He said as the executive government at the Centre, it can’t be seen as setting up a minority institution in a secular state.

West Bengal Board (WBCHSE) announces Class 12 exam date sheet

West Bengal Board (WBCHSE) announces Class 12 exam date sheet

Kolkata: The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) has announced the schedule of the Class 12 boards examination.

The exam will begin from February 15 and end on February 29.

The exam timings are from 10 am to 1:15 pm.

The Higher Secondary examination, or Uchyaa Madhyamik, is conducted every year.

Here is the schedule:

  • February 15 – Bengali, English, Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, Santhali, Odia, Telugu, Gujrati, Punjabi
  • February 17 – English, Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, Alternative English:
  • February 19 – Physics, Nutrition, Education, Accountancy
  • February 20 – Computer Science, Modern Computer Application, Environmental Studies, Health & Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts
  • February 22 – Mathematics, Psychology, Anthropology, Agronomy, History
  • February 24 – Chemistry, Economics, Journalism & Mass Communication, Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, French
  • February 26 – Biological Sciences, Business Studies, Political Science
  • February 27 – Statistics, Geography, Costing and Taxation, Home Management and Family Resource Management
  • February 29 – Commercial Law and Preliminaries of Auditing, Philosophy, Sociology