How to make optimal use of sample papers

After the end of every competitive examination such as NEET, the education market is flooded with NEET mock test papers that are curated keeping in mind the trends of that year’s question paper. This exercise is important so that students get familiar with the difficulty level of the questions and exam patterns. To ensure that only the brightest minds compete the coveted NEET entrance test, CBSE revises the question pattern every year. Therefore, if you want to improve your preparation strategy, here is how to make the optimal use of sample papers-

Get Insight about the Mark Distribution

Besides hard work and uncompromised dedication, the key to being successful in NEET is to study smart. NEET mock test papers offer insight into mark allocation, both regarding question and chapter wise. It is essential that you know in advance the blueprint of the mark distribution. You will from which chapters maximum questions are asked and accordingly you can develop a study plan.

Get an Understanding on Where You Lack

Sample question papers are essentially for practice. The more sample questions you solve, the more you will understand the weak and strong areas of your preparation. Once you are aware of it, you can devise your study pattern accordingly. For example, you can sign up for Aakash iTutor, a technologically advanced platform that fully supports the concept of self-paced learning.

Through the platform, you can buy the lectures of chapters and topics you are struggling with. Working on theweak area is acritical part of your preparation.

Use as a Motivation Tool

The more sample questions you solve, the better your speed and accuracy get.  Therefore, with time you will realize that your concept is becoming clearer and you will be made more confident about your preparation. Performing well in mock test paper is also important for motivation and staying on track. Having stated that, there could be times when you may not perform well at a mock test. However, don’t be disappointed and let these hurdles effect your determination to study.

As we had discussed in the previous point, mock test papers help you gauge your weak areas.  So, even if you do not score well in a given exam, take it in your stride. Work on your weak areas and to come out as a winner in the main examination.

Learn the art of Minimizing Silly Errors

There are two components of answering a question of a competitive examination. First is to get maximum right answers and second is reducesillyerrors. Avoidable calculation mistakes, misreading the question or getting confused about the answer are examples of common errors students make.

However, if you regularly take NEET mock test papers, overtime the number of silly errors will significantly reduce. Negative marking is a bitter reality that can impact your final score. To make sure that you do not fall victim to negative mark system, your need to learn the art of minimizing silly errors.

Qualifying NEET examination will open your door to a successful career. Doctors are well-respected members of our community. To become a doctor, you need to showcase exceptional aptitude and preference towards the medical profession. You need to work hard, understand your competition and exhibit dedication.

Sample papers can leverage your performance in a big way. They are developed by a team of educators, who understand the education industry at the same time can guide the students in the right direction. Therefore, when you are preparing for NEET, always make sure that you refer to mock question papers from the previous years. Practice makes a person perfect, and sample paper is your road to perfection.


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