Foreign Relations and how it could affect an Economy

Foreign relations is one of the important factors the must be considered in a political agenda. It is important that the administration of a certain country has a clear idea of what they want to focus on and what they want to achieve in a certain period of time in order for the government to be effective. One of the things that change whenever the administration does is its focus on foreign relations. This happens because some politicians may tend to focus on the problems within the country while others give additional attention to issues outside the country as well in order to have more options and possible trade relations that could further help their economy.

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Why should countries be interested in foreign relations? There are a lot of advantages when it comes to expanding foreign relations in the field of military, business and overall improvements for the economy to name a few. If foreign relations with different countries are established there are new possibilities for the importation and exportation of goods. However, things are not simple as they seem. Of course, whenever trade or business relations are to be established between two nations it is important that it would be beneficial for both sides. Another factor to consider here is whether or not both countries are open for business relations to begin with. Countries without any history of conflict would be able to make smoother deals and may be willing to give more in terms of trade agreement as compared to countries that have experienced conflict from the past. It really depends whether the countries are willing to negotiate despite the conflict in the past.

A good example of countries that have established business relations despite conflict is between the US and China. Considering the size of their economies, both countries have a lot to gain if only business relations could be ironed out. With the recent change of administration in the US, it really depends whether President Trump is willing to focus on its business relations with China. In terms of importation and exportation of goods, there are a lot of products that could be traded between the two countries. Some of these include beef, infrastructure, and even products from the entertainment industry. However, it is important for both governments to establish decent foreign relations in order to achieve a deal that would benefit both sides.

As mentioned one of the factors to consider how the new administration of the US will take action with its foreign relations. Based on the campaign led by President Trump it seems that a lot of issues regarding foreign relations are yet to be solved. The important thing is if the US wishes to improve business relations with China it should take care of its relations with the country. An example of this is how it would react with the different views China and Japan have with the events that took place in Nanking in the past. Whether the US decides to side with either China and Japan it really depends on the kind of business relation it wants to establish with either country. Issues like these are important whenever establishing business relations because support with issues faced by a country could go a long way.

In the end, whenever two countries or even multiple countries decide to engage in business relations it could always be beneficial depending on the terms agreed by the different sides. However, it also depends on the relationship countries have that could determine how easily terms of the deal could be made. Countries that have good relations may be willing to give more room which is why it important to focus on such issues.

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