Two Scanning Mode In Data Recovery Software

Many cases have been seen that data and files stored in computer or laptop become corrupted or inaccessible due to many reasons. Laptop or computer has become necessary part of daily lives and we cannot imagine our lives without this. You will have many problems in your life if your system does not work properly. Being an electronic or mechanical device, you should take care of this while you are operating this device. Users have stored and saved their data in this device because data saved in this in well structured and maintained way. You can save and store any type of data in this device like emails, projects, text file, and document file, excel file, presentations, audio, video, images, graphics, contacts and other type of data. There are several reasons due to which you may lost your data and will not able to use whenever you need it immediately. So, always keep back up of your important and vital data so that you can access it whenever needed.

Some users are too lazy and they do not have back up and lost their data. Still, they did not take stress about their lost data because they know that solution of this problem is data recovery software. Data recovery is a process that will help you to get back or recover your lost data within less time. Number of companies have uploaded data recovery software on their official site so that needed and interested users many use it easily. Installation guide is also available on their webpage so that they did not face problem while installation. If you have need data recovery software for first time in your system, then download recycle bin recovery software.

Some interesting and unique features of data recovery software are given here:

  • User will be able to import and export all scanning results whenever necessary.
  • You can recover all type of lost data and whatever may be reason for lose.
  • When you recover your lost file, clear preview result
  • Recover all type of lost files using either quick scan mode or deep scan mode.


Installation of data recovery software in laptop or computer is easy and will not take more time. Scanning will be processed in fast way so that your lost data will be searched. Data recovery software free works on two scanning mode: one is quick scan mode and other is deep scan mode.

Quick scan mode search data that has been lost before two or three days ago while deep scan mode finds out data that has been lost before one or more week ago. In the deep scan mode, your complete PC or laptop will be scanned and result will be on your screen. Save your file at another location from the previous saved location because there may be chance of overwriting. After saving your file, clear all search result from EaseUS data recovery software. Preview option is also available in this data recovery software so that you can check in the result that your lost file has been recovered or not. You arenot only get recover your lost data from windows , but also mac data recovery from mac version by the software .

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