Tips to select the right branch of engineering

So you have cleared the entrance examination for engineering and awaiting your admission in the   Top Engineering College in North India   or your own state.  While it is certainly a matter of joy and pride for you and your family, it is also the time to take the tough call that which discipline of engineering you should get yourself enrolled to. With so many different branches of engineering that are being taught in the engineering colleges all across the country, it could be really tricky to choose the best one.

Here are some tips that will help you decide which stream of engineering would be right for you and pave the paths for a rewarding career in the future.

Do not make the common mistake

While thinking of engineering branches, most students tend to choose the discipline that offers maximum scopes for jobs. It is definitely true that you would be studying for getting a good job, but that does not mean that you would need to compromise with your areas of interests. If computer programming is something that you do not love doing much, getting admitted in those IT engineering courses just for the sake of getting a lucrative job in the future would do more bad than good to your career. You would never be able to grasp the subject well as that would cause poor results in the semester end examinations. No IT company would hire a software engineer with poor grades.

Instead, if you choose an engineering branch which interests you, even though the branch may have less scope of jobs, you would still get one as you would have the chance to excel in the examinations. Remember, there is always a job open for the toppers.

Do proper research on the course materials

Just because you like fiddling around with electric connections at home will not guarantee that you would make a great electrical engineer. If you have a knack towards a subject, go through the course materials properly before choosing that engineering course. It is better to know what that particular discipline has in store for you in the coming four years than to get shocking surprises later on.

Get a fair idea about the work life

Are you one of those sensitive people who cannot stand the scorching rays of the sun? If that is so, civil engineering may not be your cup of tea. Now this is just an example.  The working environments for engineers of different specializations vary. While a software engineer would have the pressure of writing codes sitting in an air-conditioned cubicle, a civil engineer would be spending most of his time on field works. Hence, it is better to choose a branch of engineering once you know what working environment waits for you in the future.

Check opportunities for higher studies

If you want to pursue post graduation after getting your engineering degree from a Top University in UP for Engineering, you should choose a branch that will offer you ample opportunities for further studies. While automobile engineering will have limited scope for higher studies, mechanical engineering will let you do your masters in manufacturing, robotics or industrial engineering.

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