We are quite certain everyone has a dream job in mind as soon as they settheir foot into the corporate world. If you too are one of those looking out for their dream job, allow us to help you with a few tips –

  1. Be eligible
  2. Do not ignore extra-curricular activities
  3. Be curious
  4. Get a crisp, hard-hitting CV in place

Image result for 4 TIPS TO MAKE IT TO THE DREAM JOBBe eligible

In order to land a call from your dream company, you need to make sure you are eligible for the job. While taking up a particular distance education course, you need to keep in mind that it helps you move closer to your dream job. Same goes while applying for internships. For example- a distance MBA in marketing will help you land a role in a company as a marketing manager, while a B.Com in marketing will not suffice for the same role.

Make sure your efforts are dedicated towards achieving your goal. This includes courses, majors and minors, internships, work experience and other activities.

Do not ignore extra-curricular activities

If you thought only studies and courses mattered, you need to think again. Employers look at your CV for 2 things- your relevant qualification in terms of degrees, as well as your participation in extra-curricularevents and activities. It helps the employer establish a personality. This, in turn, helps employers to judge interviewees on their leadership, judgment and other attributes like time management, discipline, etc.

A well rounded CV has a perfect mix of degrees and extra-curricular activities.

Be curious

Do not stop the process of learning. There is a lot of change happening as you read this, and it is imperative that you stay up to date on things relevant to you. For example- those applying for a Social Media Manager’s role need to know the latest updates in the world of Social Media. An app developer needs to know the latest technology trends in the market.

Ask questions to relevant industry experts. This can be done through webinars, online chat sessions, conferences, etc. Be attentive in lectures. Guest faculty is an important source of fresh information. Ask questions, discuss answers. Share knowledge. Keep learning as this will help you grow.

Have a hard-hitting, crisp CV

While your CV must be relevant to the position being applied for, the interviewers will also ask you to elaborate on your experience. Make sure you mention only what is required; the employer would be meeting a lot of candidates throughout the day, and would not remember each and every detail about everyone. Make your CV short, hard-hitting and provide relevant information so that the selection becomes easier.

With these points in mind, go, set out for your dream job!

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