AirPods Are a ‘Runaway Success’, Says Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook fielded questions during a tour of New York Stock Exchange with his nephew on Wednesday, and he provided a non-answer around the initial success of AirPods. Asked by... Read more »

Amazon India Now Lets You ‘Sell as Individual’

Amazon has just launched a new service called Sell as Individual, which allows you to sell your used goods. The service is currently only available in Bengaluru. With Sell as Individual, you... Read more »

Windows Scoop Fans in India to Get Exclusive Updates, Invitations to Events, and More

The Windows Insider Team is extending the deadline for submissions to enter the Windows Scoop Fans programme to January 5. First announced earlier this month with a December 25 deadline, Windows Scoop... Read more »

Samsung Unveils Wireless Speaker, Sound Bar, UHD Blu-ray Player, and Robot Vacuum Ahead of CES 2017

CES 2017 doesn’t arrive until next week – it’s got the next year in its name as a clue – but that hasn’t stopped a whole bunch of companies, including Samsung, from... Read more »

Mercedes-Benz Servicing- How Much Will It Cost?

Maintaining your luxury car often depends on many factors. Factors like the model of your car, working condition of the car play a deciding role. Some high-performance cars flaunting engines like V8AMG... Read more »

Super Mario Run Hits 40 Million Downloads in Four Days: Nintendo

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Run has hit 40 million downloads in four days. This comes after several third-parties weighed in on the potential of the game and the company releasing... Read more »

More Entry-Level Smartphone Players Will Quit Indian Market in 2017: Counterpoint

With mounting revenue losses amid too many players fighting to grab a pie, exits will surpass entrants in the Indian smartphone market in 2017, analysts said on Thursday. There are nearly 250... Read more »

Bill Gates Becomes This Redditor’s Secret Santa, Gifts Her a Box Full of Goodies

In line with his annual tradition of being a secret Santa on Reddit, Bill Gates has sent out his box full of gifts for an extremely lucky Redditor named Aerrix. Needless to... Read more »

Uber Launches First Electric Car Fleet in Madrid

Ride-hailing service Uber Technologies launched in Madrid on Thursday its first fleet of electric cars. In Spain’s capital city, as elsewhere, Uber’s service of matching private car owners with passengers has prompted... Read more »

EU’s Highest Court Delievers Blow to Britain’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’

The European Union’s highest court has ruled as illegal “general and indiscriminate retention” of emails and electronic communications by governments, media reported on Wednesday. The judgement by the European Court of Justice... Read more »