Google Assistant Lets You Share Articles via Voice Command to Google+, Twitter

Google Assistant Lets You Share Articles via Voice Command to Google+, TwitterGoogle Assistant is an important component of Google’s vision and more importantly for its self-branded Pixel smartphones. Even though the voice-based virtual assistant has received praise for its ability to carry a conversation while keeping earlier messages in mind, there are some new features that are still being discovered by users. Now, a user has found out that the Assistant makes it easier to share articles that you are currently reading to Twitter and Google+.

Google+ user Corey Stock, as pointed out by 9to5Google, discovered that you can share the articles by giving a voice command to the Assistant while reading them. However, 9to5Google has found out the feature works for only Twitter and Google+ as of now, it was not able to work on other services such as Facebook, Allo, Hangouts, or Gmail.

In order to share the articles using Assistant, users need to say, “OK Google, share this with Google Plus” when browsing an article on their Pixel phones. The Assistant then automatically transcribes the title and the link.

There are many reviewers who have termed Assistant to be a better and more intelligent virtual assistant than Apple’s Siri. It remains to be seen how Apple will improve Siri from here onwards.

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