Bring out the master in you!

Many graduates look for an MBA degree to add the proverbial feather to their cap.Distance learning programs and inline courses have made it possible for such individuals to pursue higher education whilst working. Distance MBA courses have been designed keeping such individuals in mind. Many universities, including Bharathidasan University, provide distance learning MBA courses in various fields for such aspirants. These courses cater to their needs without disturbing their professional or personal life as they do not need you to be physically present or demand your presence at any particular time. Students are free to access the course content and e-books through the universities’ student portal, where they also find many course-related video recordings, lectures, discussion forums, etc. With the demand for MBA graduates soaring high in the global market, many fields like tourism, general management, and healthcare are now offering a global platform for the graduates to perform and excel.

MBA in tourism

Tourism is a very interesting, as well as exciting field. Graduates of MBA in tourism get a chance to go around to many places and be paid for it. A very alluring chance indeed!  This is an evergreen industry and doesn’t cease to grow, thus increasing the need for professionals in this field. A study of tourism includes topics like operations of travel agencies, tourist destinations, archeological destinations, taxi services, etc. MBA in tourism deals with understanding the demands of the tourists. It aims at analyzing the issues related to the tourism industry and applying the appropriate business concept to resolve the issues and boost tourism. Tourism industry operates both locally as well as globally. Considering the needs of the tourists and giving a better result makes the world an even better place to explore.

MBA in general management

Distance MBA courses are a two year programs which concentrate mainly on fundamental business concepts in the first year and chisel the best of you in your chosen specialization field in the second year. These courses have a pre-requisite of a graduation from any recognized university. MBA in general management is a field with wide options both locally and globally. A student basically learns to be a team player, critical thinking, computation, networking, problem-solving abilities through these courses. An MBA in general management graduate can easily get launched to the global platform with job titles like a business owner, project manager, sales manager, etc.

MBA in hospital management

Healthcare is a mainstream industry and MBA in hospital management deals with hospitals, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, public healthcare, etc. healthcare management MBA graduates aim to bring together their academic knowledge and practical business experiences to handle any issue gracefully. Healthcare industry also demands sound emotional graduates. These professional are more in demand, regarded and revered like godly people.

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