Bitdefender Internet Security 2016Overview

Bitdefender Internet Security is one of the most powerful and widely used security products of the year which uses advanced machine-learning technology to thwart cyber-threats. It is trusted by more than 500 million users worldwide and has been awarded PC MAG Editor’s choice award for this year since its malware detection rate is better than any other security software available in the market.

It also comes with in-built two-way firewall which will protect your system from any malicious traffic coming from internet. Bitdefender Antivirus has been, for a long time, producing a suite of aggressive antivirus software which offer protection against all kinds of malicious programs.

Thus, Bitdefender Internet Security relies on artificial intelligence technology which helps it evolve faster than the malware it is fighting against. This is accomplished using Bitdefender Photon which guarantees that your system will perform at same speed even during scans.  Bitdefender will adapt gradually based on how you use your system and will intelligently schedule the scanning to avoid any performance hogs.

This provides it with the capability to automatically take the best security decisions for you and will protect your sensitive data from being stolen. It will take care of your online privacy and protect important financial information such as credit card details which are transmitted over internet. It also has reliable scanning technology to protect your computer from all possible threats including spyware, Trojans, malware, viruses and ransomware. You need not worry about the safety of your children browsing online since Bitdefender Internet security will discreetly protect your children online by blocking all unwanted content via its Bitdefender Parental Control feature.   It also has role-based security and will prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.


The various features of Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 are:


  1. Safeguards against threats from the internet byusing its built-in firewall.
  2. Zero Performance Impact on your system. It will not cause any impact on your system performance even during scanning and has received GOLD Award for Fastest System Speed.
  3. Protects all your financial information including online banking transactions and ensures privacy while browsing.
  4. Discreetly guards your children and helps parents in monitoring the online activities of their kids.
  5. Compatible with Windows 10 operating system and other platforms as well.
  6. Guarantees One-Click protection and takes intelligent security decisions for you.
  7. Offers protection against Ransomware and Root-kits.
  8. Auto-pilot feature which runs frequent scans automatically to check for threats without need for any manual intervention.
  9. Web-filtering and Anti-spam features to ensure online safety.
  10. Bitdefender photon feature which makes use of very efficient and non-intrusive scanning algorithm.


Bitdefender has aone-click security feature which will silently thwart all cyber-threats without overloading your machine. Bitdefender Auto-pilot will run frequent scans automatically without any manual intervention, which makes your work much simpler. It is the only security tool which guarantees protection against rootkits. Rootkits are malicious software that will masquerade as important executables within your system in order to avoid detection by antivirus software. But Bitdefender Internet Security has advanced scanning algorithms to detect such rootkits and will instantly quarantine them.

As mentioned before, the program also offers protection against Ransomware which are malicious software that will encrypt all files in your system and demand ransom to decrypt them. The web-filtering feature blocks harmful websites and also offers protection of your financial data during online banking transactions. Bitdefender Internet Security also generates elaborate security reports on a weekly basis, to indicate the updated security status of your system. It presents detailed information about disinfections and scans performed during the previous week along with pending issues and options to fix them.




Sony closes Driveclub’s Evolution Studios


Sony has announced the closure of the UK’s Evolution Studios.

The Cheshire-based video games development house dates back to 1999, and had most recently worked on the troubled PlayStation title Driveclub.

Sony has confirmed that there will be at least some compulsory redundancies as a consequence of its decision.

The announcement closely follows Microsoft’s announcement of plans to close another British developer, Lionhead Studios.

Sony said that its decision had followed a review of its European operations.

“We accept that this decision will mean that we risk losing high calibre staff, but by focusing on other studios that already have exciting new projects in development we believe we will be in a stronger position going forward and able to offer the best possible content of the highest quality for our consumers,” it said in a statement.

“Where possible we will try to reallocate people onto other projects. If appropriate opportunities are not possible within the company, we will assist staff in any way we can, including speaking with local employers and with other development companies.”

Racing games

Evolution had specialised in racing games for Sony games consoles. Its first title was World Rally Championship, released in 2001, which was followed by several sequels.

Then in 2006, it launched the off-road racer franchise Motor Storm.

World Rally Championship

However, its last title – Driveclub – had a troubled birth.

The game – which was designed to let six players form a club and race rival teams via the internet – was originally supposed to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 in 2013, but was repeatedly delayed.

When it did finally become available in October 2014, its computer servers struggled to meet demand and plans to offer a free cut-down version to PlayStation Plus subscribers had to be delayed further.

Since then, however, it has been improved and the news site Eurogamer described it as “one of the best racing games available”. Last July, Evolution announced the game had surpassed more than two million sales.

Driveclub’s community manager has issued a statement saying the title will “continue to thrive” under the guidance of Sony’s other developers.

Its director also issued a statement of his own via Twitter.

“It truly has been an honour to work with such a talented, passionate and determined group of people,” wrote Paul Rustchynsky.

“I hope you will all join me today in celebrating Evolution by picking up a pad, throwing on your favourite Evo game, and giving us a victory lap.”

Sony’s announcement came three weeks after Microsoft announced it wascancelling the release of Fable Legends, an action role-playing game, and was in discussions to close the Guilford-based studio behind it.

Fable Legends

“I think it’s coincidental that there have been announcements about both Evolution and Lionhead so close together,” commented Rob Crossley, UK news editor of Gamespot.

“The games industry is in a growth period right now and there are lots of signs of positivity.

“But these are two studios that aren’t succeeding as much as they needed to.

“You hear that some of the ‘triple A’ [big budget] games now sometimes have to sell above five million units to get into the black.”

The Perfect Way to Select Undergarments with Tank Tops

Tank tops make you look cute and girlish. It is the best way to express your style of dressing sense. Apart from this, tank tops forwomen are the most relaxing ways of clothing. You can wear them at any time like while going to work, going to a casual event or meeting, just relaxing at home, while doing workout at the gym or just going for a good night’s sleep.

But your entire look will go in vain, if you won’t dress up well. Sometimes it happens that your bra peeps from outside. This can put you in an awkward situation while going to a party or for just a casual meeting with your friends. Undergarments like bra are the best way to give a good support to your bust and conceal your private parts. Here we will be discussing some useful tips that will go well with your tank tops. Just take a look to the following points.

Go For Strapless Bra with Tank Tops

During a hot summer day, it is quite obvious that you will wear thin strap tank top. Strapless bra is ideal to wear with the thin strap tank top because additional strap does not look good every time. Strapless bra is helpful to give you good support to your bust and will enhance the look of your tank top.

Try Out Wearing a Seamless Bra with Tank Tops

It is essential for you to select the correct bra when you wear tank tops. The tightly fitted tank top will reveal you bump and lump, if you wear underwire bras. Go for seamless bra which merges well with torso and your bra are invisible.

Select the Right Tank Top According To Your Chest Size

Some women have a large chest, in that case, select the proper tank top whose neckline in just above the cleavage. This appears more decent look and does not grab attention on your chest which looks awkward. And if your chest size is not large then opt for tank tops with the neckline that has ruffles or pleating. This makes you look more appealing that you have a large chest.

Choose Thick Tank Top When You Have Large Bust

Try out wearing a thick strap tank top if your bust is large. Thick strap tank tops for women are more comfortable and you can wear a good supportable bra inside. In this way, your bra will be invisible and will give you good support and you will feel more confident.

Purchase Some Fancy Tank Tops with Wonderful Embellishments

If you are planning to go to a happening party or for a special date, then invest your money in elegant tank tops that has ruffles, lace, sequins or beading. These tank tops for women look marvelous for these occasions.

Wear a Bra That Matches With Your White Tank Top

When you are wearing a white tank top, it happens that sometimes your bra is visible. This does not appear good. You should choose a skin color bra while wearing a white tank top.

Choose To Wear Thin Or Broad Strap Tank Top If You Have Narrow or Broad Shoulder

Few women have narrow shoulders, and then they must go for thin strap tank tops. This appears more proportionate to your entire look. And if you have broader shoulders, then try out wearing thick and broad strap for yourself. The idea is that, narrow shoulders must wear thin strap tank tops and broader shoulders should wear thick strap tank tops.

Now, it must be clear to you that how you can wear a perfect bra with your favorite tank top. Try out these wonderful options to wear a bra with perfecttank tops, which match with your size and taste. Perfect bra with perfect tank top, will surely boost your confidence and will never leave you in an awkward situation among your friends and family.

Solar storage tiles and paint: how to make old homes more energy efficient

Did you know more people die from the cold in Australia than they do in Sweden? According to a study published in The Lancet medical journal in 2015, around 6% of deaths in Australia are attributable to exposure to moderate cold (under 18C in Australia) compared to 4% in Sweden.

Part of the problem is the state of our homes, says Dr Adrian Barnett from Queensland University of Technology. According to Barnett: “Temperatures inside a flimsy wooden Queenslander in winter are often below 18C whereas Swedish homes will be a comfortable 23C, whatever the weather. Many Australian homes are just glorified tents and we expose ourselves to far colder temperatures than the Scandinavians do.”

Heating – or indeed air conditioning in the warmer weather – these “glorified tents” is costly not just to householders, but also to the environment. Approximately a fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions comes from buildings, largely due to high, fossil-fuel reliant energy consumption.

Much of the discussion around energy efficiency measures in the home centres on new buildings. Yet given the majority of Australians live in older homes (for example, 86% of homes in Victoria were built before 2005 when minimum energy efficiency requirements were introduced), making existing housing stock more energy efficient would have a positive environmental and financial impact – as well as potentially save lives.

Fortunately there are a range of new solutions on offer in the Australian market that can improve the efficiencies of existing homes.

Last year Australian solar roof tile manufacturer Tractile produced the “world’s first integrated solar roof tile solution generating both electricity and hot water from a single unit”.

According to Bertio Terpstra, director at Tractile, there are two tiles that could be retrofitted: the Eclipse solar roof tile, which can be used in complete roof replacements; and the Horizon roof tile, which can be integrated into flat concrete tiled roofs.

Both tiles can produce around five kilowatts of energy (enough to cover around 80% of an average household’s daily needs) in an area covering 32square metres (about 14% of the average household rooftop in Australia). At the same time, hot water channels at the back of the tiles transport heat from the sun to hot water systems. That means for every square metre of Horizon tiles, around four litres of pre-heated 40C water are produced. Tractile estimates this could save customers between 40to 80% on hot water bills.

And if used in conjunction with a storage battery, Terpstra says the roofing system can reduce energy emissions by 100%.

There is, however, a fairly big price tag. Terpstra estimates a roof tiled entirely in Eclipse solar roof tiles would be around $10,000 more expensive than a conventional roof with a non-integrated solar system.

Another more affordable innovation that could soon come to the market is solar paint. Developed by Prof Paul Dastoor and his team at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, the paint holds soluble organic electronic materials that can be printed, painted or sprayed onto different surfaces while conducting electrical charges.

Last year the paint reached efficiencies of 3% and Dastoor estimates that if painted across a roof, the cells in the paint could produce enough electricity to power a household – at around a tenth of the cost of installing a silicon solar panel system. It is expected the first prototypes of the paint will be available within a year.

Retrofitting doesn’t have to be expensive or overcomplicated. Your Home, the government’s guide to sustainable houses, lists practical immediate options. These could include easy fixes – such as installing shades on west-facing walls and windows, painting roofs in light colours to reflect the sun and planting green walls and roofs – to more complex jobs, such as wall insulation, ceiling insulation, draught proofing, secondary glazing and double glazing.

Lyn Beinat, CEO of retrofitting specialist ecoMaster, says a professional eye can help. “Some people might decide just to replace all their [single-glazed] windows with double glazing, but their home is still cold in winter because they haven’t got the adequate insulation, or they haven’t draught proofed. It’s not uncommon to see people spend $60,000 on new windows, only to find that the biggest difference could have been dealt with by draught proofing, which might only be $6,000.” After retrofitting her own house, Beinat reduced energy consumption by 84% and created a zero-emission home.

Additionally retrofitting can improve the capital value of housing stock, Beinat says, citing a study from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that shows every half star improvement in the Nationwide House Energy Rating scheme adds about 2% value to a home (based on median house prices in Canberra in 2006).

Although financial support is not yet widely available from the federal government (following the green loans scheme fiasco), there are ways to access capital for retrofits. These include Bendigo Bank’s Generation Green loan, Adelaide city council’s Sustainable City Incentives Scheme, and energy efficiency discount schemes from many state governments, including Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia.

Also, the Clean Energy Finance corporation launched a $250m community housing program in February, which will enable community housing providers to access finance to retrofit existing buildings as well as support the construction of new green community housing.

Everything worth Knowing about AIPMT – Affiliated Colleges, Important Dates, and more

AIPMT 2016 is going to be an offline medical test to be written with only ball pen which is going to take place on 3rd May, 2016 (Sunday). The exam duration will be of 03 hours i.e., between 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Students can obtain the list of cities where AIPMT 2016 will be conducted at or it will also be available on the official website separately.  The application forms are to be submitted via online only and information regarding fee payment will be mentioned in the Information Bulletin of AIPMT 2016. AIPMT 2016 Admit cards can be downloaded from the official website on 01.04.2016 and the result will be declared by 5th June 2016. The board has also set up free Facilitation Centers for students having any problems with filling or submission of application forms.

exam (1)

Universities/Institutions/ States participating in AIPMT 2016 for MBBS/BDS

Other than 15% government reserved seats, the merit list of AIPMT 2016 will also be exercised by following Universities/Institutions/States

  • University of Delhi, Delhi
  • Hamdard University, New Delhi
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (UP)
  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Andaman & Nicobar
  • Chandigarh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Haryana
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Orissa
  • Rajasthan

Students appearing for the exam must have completed 17 years at the time of applying for the test or before 31st December of the 1st year of admission to the course. Age limit for AIPMT exam 2016 for candidates enrolled under 15% All India Quota Seats must be 25 years and is an INDIAN NATIONAL. For the upper age limit category, the SC/ST/physically disabled/Other Backward Classes get a period of 5 (five) years relaxation provided the applicant must have born on or between 01/01/86 to 01/01/99 for the SC/ST/OBC and between  01/01/91 to 01/01/99 for other category. All-India quota seats are those vacant seats that are occupied by the candidates for government medical institutions by counseling undertaken by DGHS under 15% merit positions.

Eligibility to appear in the AIPMT

  • Applicants cleared class XII examination with subjects of Biology (bio-Technology), Physics, Chemistry, and English with an aggregate of 50% marks from a recognized Board/University are eligible to appear for AIPMT 2016
  • Candidates educated from CBSE Board from KSA/overseas up to class 11th and has passed class XII from CBSE board in India will be qualified to enroll for AIPMT exam
  • Having Maths in class 12th is not a necessity to appear for AIPMT
  • All Indian Nationals, abroad Citizen of India, USA born are worthy to take the AIPMT for under 15% All India Quota Seats subject to conditions.
  • No student having subjects of Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or any other optional subject and not Biology in 12th class will be allowed for AIPMT.
  • Candidates sitting for Class XII in the year 2016 can appear for AIPMT 2016.
  • There is no limit or restriction for the attempts or number of times a candidate can apply for AIPMT.

Marking Scheme for AIPMT

Candidate will secure 04 marks for each right response and 01 mark will be cut from the total score for each wrong answer. It is to be noted that the score card of AIPMT 2016 for candidates is valid only for the academic session of 2016-16.

Do remember to bring your admit cards, writing cardboards, (4” x 6”) Post Card size photo to the exam center and for any assistance aspirants can dial 18001 180 02 CBSE Toll Free.

Rainforest Alliance claims paper industry helps conservation

Rainforest Alliance claims paper industry helps conservation.
 Credit: © Shutterstock
When 2 opposing forces can be presented alongside each other, sometimes all becomes a lot clearer. In the case of The Rainforest Alliance and the Asia Pulp and Paper company (APP), perhaps you will agree. The Alliance audited all of the pledges made by this beleaguered deforester and came up with quite a result.

2013 saw the APP presenting a Forest Conservation Policy in response to conservationists who really would rather it just gave up. Those tropical rainforests are almost lost and constitute perhaps the most precious resource on earth. We just can’t price it! Pulping paper from wood or growing monocultures of oil palms just seems sensible if you look at the profits. How can you capitalise on a tiny frog hidden in the leaf litter?

The answer is that you can, but it takes publicity, tourism and a whole lot of new problems, but at least it is possible to maintain your forest for future use. It is called sustainability, but not the kind that grows acres of spruce or acacia for paper, depending on your climate.

Last week the Rainforest Alliance revealed they thought that APP had met many pledges, so somebody has put some work in on the forestry side. What do Rainforest Alliance mean though by seeming to support the enemy! Richard Donovan reveals the skew on the argument while his opposite number, Aida Greenbury (good name), who is the manager of sustainability at APP welcomes them with the statement, the evaluation provides valuable feedback and we are pleased in any areas where our progress is acknowledged and verified. We believe that the report recognizes our efforts to achieve deforestation are on the right track. However, our Forest Conservation Policy and measures are not carved in stone. We must have the courage to continually improve the policy as we go. That certainly beats the lack of progress with another pulp and paper producer, APRIL, who are busy destroying the Padung Island environment, off the Sumatran coast.

Aida obviously intends to implement her action plan in 2015, to update the Forest Conservation Policy. The audit of 21 APP concessions in Borneo and Sumatra, mainly involving fieldwork, listing goals achieved or progress in the form of limited or moderate.>

Despite the lack of any glaringly successful progress, the Alliance stated that moderate progress had been made in halting the clearance of natural forest and engaging with one community and NGOs. Mixed tropical hardwood supplies had also been halted by the company, although I would want some definitions there, as many mixed hardwoods were cut before the FCP came into force. Positive moves in ending business with rogue suppliers sounds a much better move, but only one supplier has been excommunicated so far.

The worst comments on this audit are around the lack of commitment to indigenous communities and their rights. Hundreds of conflicts have arisen, with only one resolution agreement so far. It seems that APP have to learn to give a little, in order to achieve their own objectives. Lafcadio Cortesi of another group, the Rainforest Action Network brought up this point while Christopher Barr of Woods and Wayside International has indicated thatThe Rainforest Alliance report says nothing about whether APP’s existing plantation resource base will be able to meet the group’s fiber supply on a sustainable basis over the medium- to long-term,

H&M’s new eco collection features a £150 dress you could get married in

Julia Restoin Roitfeld models lacy dress, £299.99

If you’ve never managed to get your hands on one of H&M’s much-desired designer collaborations then may we alert you to one of it’s less ubiquitous and – dare we say it – more desirable capsule collections?

Every spring the Swedish retailer serves up a collection of ethically-made pieces under name Conscious Exclusive. Working with sustainable materials such as silk, hemp and recycled linen, the slightly elevated prices reflect that this range is a departure from the usual wares of the fast-fashion retailer. The inspiration comes from a different source, too. This year, H&M has sought creative stimulus from the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and its new exhibition: Fashion Forward – 300 years of Fashion.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld models Victoriana top, £54.99 and skirt, £119.99

The design team has delved into the museum’s archives spanning three centuries and the result is like nothing else on the high street. Luxe skirts, structured tops and trompe l’oeil dresses flit from the painterly to the directional. And best of all, there’s a handful of dresses which belie their affordable roots so convincingly that we think they’re fit for a bride.

French model and art director Julia Restoin Roitfeld (and daughter of magazine editor Carine) models several wedding-worthy looks ahead of the April 7 launch. Bobo brides-to-be might be taken by the Victoriana-style ruffled maxi dress, which retails for £299.99. The style also comes in two parts with a midi skirt and long-sleeved top.

Model wears structured dress, £149.99

Then there’s a structured, waist-cinching dress with a sweetheart neckline which comes in pure white. At £149.99, that and a similar style which comes printed with an abstract pattern could make an attractive choice for a bride who wants to change into an evening dress that can be thrown into the washing machine should the dancefloor become a mucky, raucous affair.

Puffball dress, £149.99

Viridor energy from waste incinerator at Splott to get £110m finance from European Investment Bank

The controversial energy from waste incinerator at Splott is to get £110m in support from the European Investment Bank (EIB), it has been confirmed.

During a site visit to the facility, owned by Viridor, the vice president of the EIB Jonathan Taylor confirmed that the EIB expected to provide £110m to support the new facility in the coming weeks.

The incinerator, or energy recovery facility, is the largest of its kind in Wales, treating waste from local authorities and local businesses.

It diverts at least 95% of non-recyclable waste in South Wales away from landfill and generates 30MW of electricity for the National Grid, enough to power around 50,000 households.

‘Vital renewable energy’

“Significant investment in energy recovery technology allows energy to be recovered from waste that cannot be recycled or reused and would previously have been sent to landfill sites,” said Mr Taylor.

“The new Cardiff Energy Recovery Facility shows how waste is being transformed into vital renewable energy for Wales and reflects the strong environmental commitment of the Welsh government and local authorities already working with the project.

“The European Investment Bank recognises the strong track record of Viridor, owned by Pennon Group, successfully implementing cutting edge plants across the country and we expect to finalise technical details for a £110m long-term EIB loan in the coming weeks.”

Opponent’s campaign

Energy recovery is an important part of the Welsh Government’s strategy for reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. However, the incinerator has been highly controversial with local residents and some environmental groups campaigning long and hard against its construction.

They argued that it would produce harmful emissions and would not help increase recycling rates. A High Court bid to prevent construction failed in 2014.

But campaigners in the Vale of Glamorgan are attempting to stop the construction in Barry of a facility to take the bottom ash from the Cardiff plant.

Eight facilities in operation

Susan Davy, Pennon Group director of finance, said: “We are delighted that the European Investment Bank is planning to provide funding for another of Viridor’s energy recovery facilities.

“Viridor now has eight energy recovery facilities in operation across the UK and a further three facilities are progressing well and will be delivered by March 2019. Together these facilities will deliver 242MW of de-centralised energy, transforming waste into a valuable social resource.

“Cardiff is a world-class plant built on time, below budget and to a high quality. Pennon Group has a strong relationship with the EIB and we look forward to continuing to work closely together in future.”

The Splott incinerator will handle 350,000 tonnes of waste annually. This includes household waste delivered by the five councils that make up the Prosiect Gwyrdd, Project Green, partnership: Cardiff, Newport, Monmouthshire, Vale of Glamorgan and Caerphilly.

Together they collect 40% of the total municipal waste in Wales.

As well as treating household waste on behalf of Prosiect Gwyrdd, the facility will also receive non-recyclable waste from local businesses and help to divert their waste away from landfill.

Record year for EIB support

Last year was a record one for the EIB’s engagement across the United Kingdom during which it provided £5.6bn to support more than £16bn of overall investment.

The EIB has supported investment in social housing, transport, energy, water and education across Wales for more than 40 years, including more than £2bn over the last decade.

Recent EIB engagement in Wales has included backing the new Swansea University Bay campus and cutting heating costs at Bangor University, financing for 10 housing associations across Wales, strengthening Vodafone mobile network in rural areas, improvements to the Welsh Water and Severn Trent network, key investment by Ford at Bridgend and Norgine at Hengoed, and financing for new high-speed Great Western Line trains expected to start operation in two year’s time.

Over the last five years the EIB has provided nearly than £930m for investment to improve treatment and disposal of waste in 13 countries across Europe. Support for waste investment in the UK, including plants in North Yorkshire and Devon as well as Wales, has been more than any other country.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 review

Xiaomi has started 2016 with the release of its Redmi Note 3, a phone that was launched in China last year. The major difference being that the Redmi Note 3 in India will be housing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 chipset whereas the one in China was launched with the MediaTek Helio X10 processor. Apart from being the first Xiaomi phone with a full metal body, this is also Xiaomi’s first foray into fingerprint scanner sporting handsets.

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The phone was announced to a packed auditorium on 3 March, and Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s vice president of international also announced that the Mi5, Xiaomi’s flagship phone that was announced at the Mobile World Congress, will be coming to India next month. So let us see if the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 repeats the magic that its last generation phones were renowned for.

Build and Design: 7.5/10

Redmi Note 3 1280 (6)

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 sports an all metal body and has rounded edges along the sides. Turn around the phone and the resemblance to the rear side on the Meizu MX5 is uncanny. The round fingerprint scanner is located just below the 16MP camera on the rear side and they are aligned to be placed in the centre. The dual LED flash unit is located in between the camera and the fingerprint scanner. The base has the speaker section and there’s a slight protrusion chin just below to ensure there is a gap between speaker section and the flat surface its placed on.

File image of Redmi Note 3

Looking around the device, on the left hand edge you have the dual SIM card slots, at the base there is a microUSB charging and data transfer port, on the right hand edge you have the volume rocker and power standby buttons. The top edge has the 3.5mm audio jack and an infrared blaster for controlling IR home appliances. The front has a 5.5inch display which has a tendency to collect smudges.

Redmi Note 3 1280 (5)

Thanks to the sand blasted matte finish on the rear side, you get a good grip on the phone. One handed option is inconvenient.The in hand feel of the phone is good as there are no sharp edges around the phone. Everything is nicely rounded. There’s even a chrome strip running around the edges which is slightly raised, so that it helps the display from touching the table if it is placed face down. Now these are minor touches, but quite thoughtful. Even the volume rocker and power/standby buttons are metallic with chamfered edges and a good feedback.

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At 8.7mm thickness and 164 grams in weight, it is not winning any prizes in the slimness and lightness departments, but it isn’t bad at all considering it houses a 4050mAh battery.

Features: 8/10

Xiaomi is one company which started the specs vs price battle when it had launched the Mi 3 two years ago. And that is a legacy it has carried forward with the Redmi Note 3 as well. For starters, the Redmi Note 3 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 SoC which houses a hexa core processor, with a dual core Cortex A72 processor clocked at 1.8GHz and a quad-core Cortex A53 processor clocked at 1.4GHz. This is paired with Adreno 510 GPU.

Redmi Note 3 1280 (7)

There are two variants on the Redmi Note 3 – one comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM and the other comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. We got the latter for testing and Xiaomi has given you the option to add in a microSD card to expand the storage. Out of the 32GB storage, the user available space is around 26.28GB. It runs Android 5.1 OS with MIUI 7 skin atop it. We will discuss more about MIUI 7 in the software section.

Redmi Note 3 1280 (3)

On the camera front, you have a 16MP rear camera with an aperture of f/2.0 and a 5MP front facing camera. The Redmi Note 3 comes with a hybrid dual SIM Card slot and can take in two 4G SIM cards which are hot-swappable. It supports voice over LTE (VoLTE), Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, FM radio, infrared port, GPS with AGPS and so on. The Redmi Note 3 is the first Xiaomi phone to sport a fingerprint scanner as well.

Display: 7/10

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 sports a 5.5inch fullHD IPS LCD display which gives it a pixel density of 401ppi. The colours look natural and it has a good viewing angles. But the display tends to collect smudges which though easily removable are still annoying to have. There is no Corning Gorilla Glass protection, but the display is scratch resistant.

Redmi Note 3 1280 (1)

Xiaomi has carried forward the Sunlight Display technology from its Mi4/Mi4i line onto the Redmi Note 3. For those not aware, the Sunlight Display makes adjustments to the display at a pixel level so that you see a balanced image in bright outdoors. This is on by default and works when you are out in bright sunlight and want to photograph, without having to shade your phone. Reading mode helps reduce the blue light being emitted to reduce the eye fatigue, by adding a yellow tinge to the display.

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The IPS LCD display is quite good with a good contrast ratio and decent black levels. Viewing angles are great, although the display can get very reflective at times.

Software: 7.5/10

MIUI 7 OS which was announced by Xiaomi in October last year comes loaded on the phone. While in terms of pure looks, there isn’t any drastic difference from the MIUI 6, but we do see some finesse on the OS. Xiaomi has added on a lot more Indian themes to the MIUI 7 for starters. It has an animated profile picture feature called ‘Showtime’ which lets other MIUI users see your animated selfies when you call them, instead of a profile picture.

BM 3 redmi note 3

In the messaging app, MIUI 7 divides messages from your contacts and services. An interesting touch is that if you are getting a one-time password (OTP) for some or the other credentials fulfillment online, you now get the option of copying the OTP from the notification itself rather than opening the message to search for. This is a good addition as you do not need to switch between screens. Same goes for calls – you get floating notifications at the top.

Xiaomi has also bundled in two months of free Hungama digital streaming for Redmi Note 3 buyers. Apart from the 13 system apps you also get a additional apps such as Flesky, WPS Office, Facebook, SwiftKey which thankfully dosen’t seem like a lot. You also get the Mi Store app pre-installed in case you want to purchase anything from the Mi India store.  You can enter into the one handed mode in case you find the 5.5-inch screen size too much. You get the option to select between 3.5-inch, 4.0-inch and 4.5-inch screen sizes. You can also select photos from your gallery and add them to a hidden albums.

Performance: 7.5/10

Call quality on the Redmi Note 3 is excellent and the earpiece speaker is sufficiently loud even outdoors. We didn’t face any issues with signal reception even inside elevators, that’s speaking a lot.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 chipset is quite impressive here. It is clearly performing at par with Qualcomm’s last generation hex-core Snapdragon 808. Phones around the Rs 20,000 price point house this processor. The Adreno 510GPU ensures a smooth performance while gaming as well – Asphalt 8: Airborne is playable at Extreme settings as well. All in all, the Redmi Note 3 excels in the performance department when compared with competition in this price range.

BM2 redmi note 3

Despite the MIUI 7 skin atop the Android 5.1OS, we did not face any slowdown issues with the Redmi Note 3, which is interesting since the Mi4i did show a lot of lag in this department. The phone does take ages to reboot after a system update though, so beware in case you are in the middle of an important conversation, finish it off before you hit Reboot for the new system updates to take effect. Heat management is quite good and unlike the the Mi4 and Mi4i, the phone does not heat up noticeably while playing heavy games, despite having a metal body.

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Fingerprint scanner works fine and is quick. We rarely had to keep adjusting the finger position for the scanner to unlock. You can also use the fingerprint scanner to click photographs or even lock apps, which is an interesting feature. Audio output isn’t that loud and you really have to cover the rear side to hear it clearly.

Camera: 6.5/10

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 sports a 16MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. The rear camera comes with phase-detect auto-focus function which works great in well lit situations, but struggles in low light. Xiaomi has added on the timelapse and slow motion feature for video shooting as well along with a fullHD video recording support.

Image quality for daylight photographs is quite good. The HDR mode on the camera is similar to the one we had seen with the Mi4i, and is able to give a balanced output for regions in the shadow area. But we noticed that the highlights did get blown out on a lot of occasions. The Sunlight display feature which worked wonderfully when using the Mi4i, is quite slow on the Redmi Note 3. There were many instances when we had to literally wait a couple of seconds before the camera kicked in Sunlight display.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Low light photography is the Achilles heel of the Redmi Note 3. The camera just refuses to give sharp images. It takes time to lock on focus and if you are in the HDR mode, then unless you have rock steady hands, forget getting a remotely sharp image. The performance is quite reminiscent of the one we had seen with OnePlus X – good daylight photographs, but mediocre low light shots. The bump in the megapixel count clearly shows its shortcomings in the low light department.

Battery Life: 8.5/10


The Redmi Note 3 comes with a 4050mAh non-removable Li-Polymer battery. It manages to retain the battery life really well. We were impressed with the battery life on the phone since we could easily go over a day and more, with a single charge, despite using the phone to watch videos, update social apps and listen to music for hours. If you want to still extend the battery life further, you get some Battery saver modes as well.

Verdict and Price in India

Xiaomi has clearly delivered enough goods with the Redmi Note 3 for us to recommend it. While it comes in two variants – Rs 9,999 (for 2GB RAM/16GB ROM) and Rs 11,999 (for 3GB RAM/32GB ROM) – we would recommend the latter as it gives you more room to do multi-tasking. Of course, you need to keep in mind that this phone does not perform well in the low light photography department. So if all you are looking for is a great battery life and fast performance – the Redmi Note 3 has little competition.

One thing we would have really liked to see is a Marshmallow OS support, instead of the dated Android 5.1. But considering the Redmi Note 3 ships with the MIUI 7, we are not sure when and if the Redmi Note 3 will get an Android 6.0 facelift. Not that the current implementation is bad in any way, but with Android 6.0 features like Doze mode can be great value adds to the already good battery life on the Redmi Note 3.

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Points To Be Considered When Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer

You are receiving call after call from people you owe money. Your pocket and your bank balance are lighter than ever and you have to think twice before spending a single penny. You don’t have enough to pay the interest, to pay the rent, to pay your child’s school fees. Yes, you are totally bankrupt. These dark times and tough economy calls for a professional, who with his skills and experience can get you out of the situation. However, when people seek a bankruptcy lawyer, they are already driven to such extreme panicky situations that they hardly spare any time to research about the lawyer, but make do with anyone.

There could be a number of lawyers who claim to help you get out of debt San Diego presents you with, but you are recommended to consider these five situations concerned with the lawyer:

  • Expertise: You obviously resolve to seek help from a bankruptcy lawyer because you yourself don’t have the required skills needed to combat the situation. Thus, you need to find an expert in the field instead of accepting offers from any lawyer. Any doctor could give you suggestions on taking care of your heart, but only a cardiologist is the expert in it.

Thus, to discover the expertise of the lawyers in bankruptcy cases, you are advised to check on the number or percentages of such cases handled or even the number of cases the lawyer has filed. Instead of being excited on finding a lawyer, who has practiced many areas of law, consider yourself fortunate, if you find one who has limited himself to bankruptcy and litigation work.

  • Provides the best out of the money you pay: Cost is of course a very crucial factor to be considered when selecting the attorney. Most people, what with the low funds they have, tend to go for one, who charges lower fee which is really not advisable. In fact, you need to be wary of those who promise to provide the services for unbelievably lower costs.

Most bankruptcy lawyers use a standard agreement for chapter 7 and chapter 13 and the flat cost usually involves services such as the analysis of the financial situation, reviewing the petition, setting and negotiating terms with the creditors and many more services down the list.

  • Knowledge about the 2005 code changes: The lawyer should be up to date with any code changes the major of which is the 2005 code change enacted by Congress. It would be a poor lookout if your case has direct relation with some of the clauses incorporated in the change and your lawyer has no idea about the legislation.
  • Make sure you don’t fall in the hands of bankruptcy mill: In the haste of finding the lawyer, you might fall prey to bankruptcy mills that do not address your specific needs but churn and burn the cases with unacceptable tactics. Thus, if you want to avoid poor legal work and dissatisfaction, meet the attorneys in person and investigate to the deepest level possible.
  • Interpersonal factors: When it comes to getting things done through lawyers, you need to share all the related information without keeping any secret. Thus, interpersonal factors could be really influential and not until you feel comfortable with the attorney will you be able to get the desired outcomes.

Thus, evaluate all these factors and be wary of the notorious ones when it comes to getting a bankruptcy lawyer.