These were the two main findings from planning website, annual survey of newlyweds – 2014 saw its largest ever survey interviewing a huge 1,893 newly married couples.

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While over two in five weddings from respondents from the North East were religious (45%), this fell to under a third for those from the East Midlands (30%), and not much more for South West newlyweds with 31%.

The spend on the wedding day also varies greatly. For Londoners, the average cost of a wedding in 2014 was £17,332 – this is compared to the £9,907 average for newlyweds of the North West!

Newly married couples from the South West were also the most traditional when it comes to the wedding cake with 76% sticking with the traditional tiered cake. Meanwhile Londoners and the Welsh were the most experimental with 17% of each opting for cupcakes or a cake made of cheese.

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In other findings:

  • Patriotic North Eastern newlyweds were the most likely to honeymoon in the UK (32%), followed by the Welsh (26%) and then West Midlanders (24%)
  • The Scots were least likely to take a honeymoon, with 14% not taking one at all, followed by the North West (11%)
  • There were also big variations in paying for drinks. 37% of Londoners paid for all the drinks at the wedding, conversely under 1 in 10 of brides and grooms from the North East, North West and Scotland foot the bill

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